Don’t miss these wellbeing workshops in Nashville

By Editor on 6th Jan 2020

The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest, taking place on January 18, has eight free workshops that will equip you with the tools and information you need to make sure that 2020 is your best year yet.

10.10 – 10.45 Everyday tools for your physical and emotional health
Your beautiful self-care journey and mindfulness. Mindfulness is a lifestyle practice that enriches our lives with both physical and emotional balance. The result? Stress release, more ease and room to actually breathe fully and enjoy each day of our lives. In this interactive presentation by Life and Health Coach Nancy Stevens – you’ll leave knowing what mindfulness is and how to apply and use some easy practical lifestyle tools in your day today so you can live with calm and release those daily stressors even amidst your busy lifestyle.

10.30-11.45 Damsel In Defense Warrior Workshop
This workshop presents the opportunity for women to earn from a retired law enforcement officer on how to effectively deter physical threats. Anna-Maria Williams and Shannon Musgrave will discuss the proper and safe deployment of personal safety tools, offer hands-on training with tools and help attendees gain the confidence to protect themselves and their families.

11.00-11.45 CBD – Myth vs Reality
Curious about CBD oil? It’s everywhere but the details surrounding cannabidiol can be confusing. In this workshop, we will cover many commonly asked questions and you’ll leave feeling confident about the wide versatility of this incredible natural supplement. Presented by Staci Bishop.

1215 -1.00 Physical pain: The secret to healing
Life coach Lauren Zoeller will lead a workshop that will explain how unresolved feelings manifest as physical pain in the body, and give the audience the tools they can use to heal and avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder.

12.15-1.00 How to have healthier relationships in 2020
Licensed professional counselor Elizabeth DeVaughn will lead a workshop that will explore why self-love is crucial for relationship health, discuss how implementing boundaries and self-care create more room for love, joy, and spontaneity in your relationship, understand why knowledge of brain function is helpful for navigating conflict and review six steps for effective conflict, which set the stage for safety and intimacy rather than driving you deeper into disconnection.

1.15-2.00 The year to get your life back with LENS
Find out more about drug-free therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and ADHD. Come along and let us tell you more about LENS Neurofeedback and how it can help you. Experience a live demonstration of someone getting their brain mapped, hear life-changing case histories about LENS Therapy, and find out how LENS is a highly effective way to deal with so many mental and physical conditions, drug-free! Presented by Harmonized Brain Centers.

1.15-2.00 Which diet is right for you?
Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, low carb, low fat… There are so many different diets, but which one is best for you? Dieticians Nourished Routes will discuss the various different food programs and how they can work best for your daily life.

2.15-3.00 Does your DNA impact your nutrition?
Learn about the booming industry of supplements and how DNA testing has opened the door to a new wave of customized vitamins that are built to match your DNA, from Rootine. You’ll discover common gene variants that impact how much vitamins and minerals you need, how your body processes folate, the pros and cons of supplement delivery systems, and an overview of where the custom-vitamin industry is and where it’s going.

Entrance tickets to the Fest are just $5 (when booked in advance) and includes access to all workshops. Click here to purchase your ticket.

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