Rootine: a new option for vitamins

By Editor on 10th Nov 2019

A company is hoping to change the way that we consume vitamins and nutrients. Rootine, which is based in Nashville, launched earlier this year. We sit down with Rachel Soper-Sanders, one of the co-founders of the brand, to find out more…

A new Nashville-based company hopes to shake up the vitamin game. Rootine is a hyper-personalized, subscription vitamin program that aims to provide its users with a totally unique mix of supplements for their health.

Rachel Soper-Sanders, one of the co-founders of Rootine, explains that traditional ‘one-fits-all’ vitamins aren’t often helpful to health regimes, due to different individuals’ genetic makeup. “Rootine is a very different type of multivitamin. What we do is look at your lifestyle, your DNA and your micronutrient levels, combine all of those data points and create a 100% custom recipe for you, full of specific nutrients and dosages.”

The vitamins that Rootine delivers don’t look like traditional capsules, they much smaller than most tablets, and these ‘microbeads’ claim to be designed in a way that optimizes delivery. According to the company, this design took three years to be engineered in order to maximize the way that your body absorbs nutrients, in a ‘slow-release’ method that mimics how your body absorbs food. These microbeads can be swallowed with a drink or sprinkled on a meal. “It’s great for people that find the big, ‘horse’ pills hard to take. You can take it in a lot of different ways. You can pour it on your tongue, you can take it with water, you can mix it into your smoothie, yogurt or cereal,” says Rachel.

Rootine was built out of the idea that standard multivitams in the market are based on a one-size-fits mentality, but these generic recommedations do not work and customization is key.

Although Rachel is based here in Nashville, much of the science behind Rootine was developed in Europe. Rootine’s co-founder, Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer is a leading genetic scientist and has worked on health and nutrition products for over a decade. Rootine has partnered with Europe’s leading genetics and nutrients lab for all lab testing and vitamin production. “Rootine is built from a team of genetic scientists who know that generic recommendations don’t work, and that the technology, research and science is all there to make personalized vitamins, but no one is doing it. So what we are launching is a product that can really help each person live healthier on an individual basis,” says Rachel.

There are three stages to creating the personalized Routine package.
1) Take a lifestyle quiz. This is an online lifestyle assessment that asks about diet, stress levels, energy levels, exercise habits and looks at other lifestyle factors.
2) A DNA test. Rootine needs your DNA to give an in-depth understanding of what nutrients will be compatible with your body. This can be sent to your home, or the information can be pulled from other websites such as 23 and Me or
3) Upload blood data. If you have access to this information, you can better assess your current ‘nutrient status’.
Once these stages have been completed, the Rootine packages will be delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

For those who are interested in making sure their health routine is perfectly tuned to them, Rootine offers a truly personalized service, and its approach to vitamins is sure to shake up the wellness industry.

The founders of Rootine will be leading a workshop at the Nashville Winter Wellness Fest on January 18. To find out more and see the full program, visit


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