Loved Dry January? How to drink mindfully this year

By Editor on 17th Feb 2020

Three alcohol beverages

Dry January – the initiative where you refrain from drinking alcohol for the month of January – has grown in popularity in recent years. Often to counter-effect the indulgent month of December, the idea of removing alcohol from your life for a month signifies a fresh start to the year and is also an excellent test of will power. Those who manage to abstain for the entire month comment on the general improvement of their wellbeing, especially when it comes to their sleeping patterns and weight. For those who have successfully navigated Dry January, there are many ways that you can retain elements of mindful drinking throughout the entire year.

Find a community of sober friends
The social life associated with drinking is often the thing that individuals miss the most. To combat this, try to find a group of people who are also abstaining from drinking. There are many groups on social media platforms such as Facebook or Meetup who organize events for those who wish to stay sober.

Try new activities without alcohol
Not drinking alcohol is the perfect excuse to try new activities. If you have been looking to try out a new sport, hobby or experience, then this is the ideal time to look for new ways to fill the time that you may have spent in a bar.

Experiment with mocktails
Just because you’re not drinking, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy delicious drinks when you’re out with friends! Ditch the water and ask your server for a mocktail. Most bars will have a selection of drinks without alcohol that taste great, without the booze.

Get outside
Find a group of friends and get outside! When you are hiking, riding a bike or walking in a park, you don’t need any alcohol to have fun. Try and get outdoors as much as you can, as these activities are great for improving your mental and physical health.

Remind yourself of the benefits
If you feel yourself wanting to have a drink, take the time to remind yourself of why you started on this journey to begin with, and what the benefits have been. Are you sleeping better? Are you saving money? Has your anxiety stopped? These are important things to remind yourself of before going back to your old habits.

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