At home abs with Trainer Lindsay – Tabata style!

By Lindsay Bennett on 27th May 2020

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Lindsay Bennett is a celebrity trainer in Nashville and was selected as one of the World’s Top 10 Trainers of 2019. Her successful fitness approach doesn’t just come from years of experience as a trainer, but her own personal experience in the world of fitness. As a collegiate Track & Field athlete, she trained with multiple Olympians and a Hall of Fame Coach. Formerly known as the Fastest Girl in Texas, she now combines her experience of elite sport exercise with her knowledge of a scientific-based approach in order to help clients create healthy habits and reveal confidence, inside and outside the gym. She was even chosen by Nike to contribute to and be featured in their well-known Nike Training Club app. She can be found in media publications such as PopSugar Fitness, Yahoo,, FabFitFun, and Vital Proteins.

Tabata core workout
Bodyweight only, no equipment required! Grab your phone for a timer!

What is Tabata?
Tabata is simply a style of interval “burst” training. A “Tabata” round is a 4 minute round consisting of intervals- :20 second burst of work, followed by :10 seconds of rest.

You simply repeat this format until the four minutes is up. You will do 8 rounds of the :20 burst, :10 rest interval within the 4 minutes.

Here are your movements:

Tabata 1 (4 minutes)
Seated Bicycles: perform for :20 seconds
*rest :10 seconds

Plank Shoulder Tap + Criss Cross Mountain Climbers: perform for :20 seconds
*rest for :10 seconds

//Repeat until the 4 minutes is up!

Tabata 2 (4 minutes)
Side Plank Rolls: perform for :20 seconds
*rest for :10 seconds

Scissor Kicks: perform for :20 seconds
*rest for :10 seconds

//Repeat until the 4 minutes is up!

* You can repeat these 2 Tabata’s if you want more of a challenge!

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