Nashville’s top 10 fitness and wellness influencers to watch

By Jade Spilka on 26th Feb 2020

Instagram has undoubtedly changed the world of fitness and wellness. With unlimited tips, tricks and information at the press of a button, these up-and-coming Nashville fitness and wellness influencers are making their mark on social media. If you need some positive inspiration in your daily life, check out these ten amazing women.

Hannah Neese Goff @hannah_neese

Hannah Neese Goff is a refreshing face in the world of health and wellness. With posts focused on self-love and feeling your best, she steers away from a looks-based approach to fitness. Many of her posts show the difference in her body merely by adjusting her pose, lighting or clothes. Her transparent social media pages, blog and YouTube channel have garnered a large following of young people focused on cultivating body positivity. Remembering a time when she was in a low place, Goff is reminded of why she shares her journey.

“I needed someone to be doing this when I was in a low place,” she says. “I needed to see that it’s okay to not have a perfect body. I needed to visually see that I am okay as I am. I share it everyday in hopes that someone sees my message and changes the way they view others and themselves.”

Jennifer Spice @nashvillenen

For personal trainer Jennifer Spice, fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad diet or something that changes seasonly. The 35-year-old mom finds a healthy mix of cardio, weights and yoga is what works best for her. Her best advice to those who are aiming to be fitness influencers is to, “Be real. Be unapologetically real.” Spice keeps it real with her raw posts centered on her struggles and accomplishments.

“Behind the filters we are all living the same twenty-four hours a day,” says Spice.  “It’s up to us as individuals to make the most of those twenty-four hours.”

Ana Cahill @ana_cahill

Educating others on health, sustainability and mindful living is what motivates Ana Cahill. The rising influencer sees wellness as an ever-changing journey for each individual. For Cahill, this journey began with chronic health problems that drove her to seek solutions.

Her research now finds a home on her honest Instagram page that aims to impact the lives of those who follow it. “Honest” is the key word when referring to Cahill and other social media accounts that she admires. “More people are letting go of being the perfect example of wellness, and instead focusing on being real examples of healthy living,” says Cahill.

Ashley Nedreski @ashleynedreski

“If you aren’t having fun on your fitness journey, then it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing and make a change,” says BOOTHCAMP coach Ashley Nedreski. Along with having fun, Nedreski’s secret to success is balance. Her busy schedule packed with a full-time job and coaching makes her a relatable figure in Nashville’s fitness world.

“I like that my clients, friends and family get to see the real me, or as real as I can be via social media,” says Nedreski.

Justice Enlow @misstnusa @justicehopeenlow

Justice Enlow knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. The current Miss Tennessee USA suffers from chronic Lyme disease and is in remission from Endometriosis. Though it can be difficult to exercise while dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, Enlow keeps herself motivated by mixing in fun ways of exercising with gym visits. Sometimes that’s hiking or walking her dog. Other times it’s keeping an upbeat conversation going with her trainer during circuit training.

Enlow has dedicated a large portion of her life to helping women get answers and receive the treatment they need to live their healthiest and happiest lives. She created her website as a tool for women with Endometriosis. She is currently transitioning Positive Period under the umbrella of her nonprofit organization Justice for Women, which will be launching soon.

“What keeps me motivated is knowing the impact that a positive story can have on someone’s life,” says Enlow. “I want my story of overcoming chronic illness to inspire others to push for their dreams even when life keeps throwing lemons their way.”

Laura Thomas Sonn @laurathomassonn

“I’m not interested in what’s perfect, I’m intrigued by what’s real.” This is something Laura Thomas Sonn, the General Manager and Co-Lead Instructor at CycleBar Franklin, says in her classes. The mother of two believes social media is moving in the right direction with more posts about parenting, infertility, mental health and non-scale fitness victories. She shares her journey on what she calls her “seriously un-serious” Instagram page, where she hopes to foster a community of inclusion for people of all fitness levels. Fitness and wellness are lifestyle choices that are now habitual for Sonn. She hopes to help her followers achieve the same no matter what fitness level they currently are.

“Wellness comes first,” she says. “Fitness is what follows.”

Carly Reams @carlyreams

Carly Reams road to a healthy lifestyle began after she gained what is referred to as the “Freshman 15.” At the beginning of her fitness journey, it was all about losing the weight. She learned overtime that how she felt was far more important than how she looked. She now touts the mantra, “Listen to your body. It’s not about the outside. It’s about how you feel.”

Reams remembers a time when she reached out to other women for health tips. Now she is the source of inspiration for others. With the feedback her account receives, she constantly sees how powerful posting workouts and tips can be. In addition to her Instagram posts, she plans on launching a YouTube channel in the near future.

Emily Suttle @emilyksuttle

Emily Suttle is currently the Campus Dietician for Vanderbilt University. As a dietician, Suttle promotes intuitive eating. She sees social media as a huge platform to share her message. Her mission as a dietician is to encourage her clients to have a healthy relationship with food and with their bodies. This message bleeds into social media where she herself finds encouragement within a community of like-minded people.

“My approach is all about encouraging and celebrating healthy instead of feeling bad about what you look like,” says Suttle.

Taylor Schrank @tayschrank

“The trick is to consistently remain healthy throughout the year, and the changes in appearance will follow,” says trainer Taylor Schrank. With a Masters in Exercise Science and a growing social media following, Schrank’s fitness and lifestyle-centered Instagram account educates her followers on how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. Schrank understands that many Nashvillians live busy lives. That’s why she tries to make personal fitness goals more achievable with her workout videos and healthy tips.

“It used to be me that needed the motivation and influence by others,” says Schrank. “Now that I have achieved most of my fitness goals, I get to give back and help others do the same.”

Leslie Pereyra @leslieannpereyra

Leslie Pereyra’s approach to wellness is all about sustainability. Her key to success is listening to her body, knowing when to push and knowing when to take a break. Going into the new year, she plans on posting more nutrition-based content, as well as posting more to her YouTube channel so that she may continue impacting other people’s lives.

“Not only does it help others learn, it is also very motivating and inspiring to see others take action to live a healthier lifestyle,” Pereyra says of sharing her journey online. “It makes you want to keep improving in your own life.”

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