Affordable head-to-toe health tips to improve your everyday life

By Jennifer McGregor on 13th Jan 2020

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When you invest time and energy in your health, you feel happier and more energetic daily. Both your body and mind benefit from the extra effort. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest large sums of money into feeling great. The below tips are cost-efficient and will have you feeling refreshed and invigorated—without stressing about cash.

Find cheap ways to work out at home

Regular exercise helps you maintain muscle tone and flexibility, improves coordination, and enhances cardiovascular health. Exercise also helps manage weight, decreasing your risk of diseases linked to obesity like type 2 diabetes, and lowers blood pressure, decreasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. You don’t have to pay for a pricey gym membership to break a sweat. Join an outdoor running group, for instance, or simply link up with a friend to go jogging. Working out alongside others is proven to reap better results, as people are more motivated and less likely to skip workouts. Another option is to simply follow along to workout videos at home using your tablet, computer, or phone. There are many yoga tutorials available for free on YouTube.

Establish a relaxing routine to wind down before bed

Sleep allows your body to recharge and gives it the energy needed for optimal function. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend adults get a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. Establish a regular pre-bedtime routine to ensure you fall asleep promptly at night. Try using essential oils like lavender, for instance, which has a calming effect, before bed. If you still find yourself tossing and turning, invest in a massage chair. This is especially useful if your job requires physical activity, as it will alleviate tension and soothe sore muscles. You can find deals on full body massage chairs by looking on websites like Rakuten. Another option is to get a massage seat cushion, which is cheaper.

Cut down on screen time and get social instead

If you find yourself scrolling through social media for hours on end every day, it’s time to reconsider this habit. For one thing, the blue light from screens can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night because it interferes with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, social media has been shown to trigger feelings of sadness, jealousy, and inadequacy. Instead of spending your free time staring at a screen, get out and socialize. Psychology Today reveals that spending time with other people boosts mental health, lowers the risk of dementia, and may even result in a longer lifespan.

Take a vacation

At first, the thought of going on a vacation may not seem like an affordable option. But just because you’re taking a vacation, doesn’t mean you have to hop on an expensive flight and stay in pricey hotels. As an alternative, consider taking your next vacation right here in Nashville. There are a ton of fun activities whether you’re looking to enjoy Broadway’s nightlife, check out The Country Music Hall of Fame, or grab dinner in The Gulch. You can rent a vacation home near whichever attractions appeal to you, and because your home will have a kitchen, you’ll save even more by preparing many of your meals instead of eating out.

Use meditation to enhance your mental health

In addition to socializing, another tactic to improve mental health is meditation. This practice encourages mindfulness, allowing you to live in the moment and deepen feelings of gratitude—and subsequent life satisfaction. If you’ve never meditated before, create a quiet space free of distractions at home to give it a try. You can download an affordable app like HeadSpace to guide you through the process. Developed with the help of scientists, this app has 16 published studies in leading peer-reviewed mindfulness journals regarding its ability to increase focus and decrease stress.

Make healthy eating fun with meal prep

Food provides your body with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to maintain optimal day-to-day function. A well-balanced diet ensures that your cells and organs are doing their jobs as they should. When you’re busy balancing work, school, family, and friends, however, finding time to prepare a healthy meal can be difficult. Tap into the power of free meal planning apps to simplify the process. You can look up affordable and efficient recipes, and also use apps to create grocery-shopping lists.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean paying big bucks for an expensive private trainer or fancy health foods. Follow these affordable tips and you will be taking care of yourself from head to toe. Your everyday quality of life will improve as you will notice increased energy and focus, thanks to changes like a healthier diet and more exercise.

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