Zero gravity floating for veterans – An alternative therapy

By Robin Ritter on 6th Nov 2020

A person floating

Float Horizen is committed to helping Veterans and active military through the healing power of Floatation Therapy and the life-changing benefits that float tanks can offer.

Floatation Therapy operates at a nervous system and neurological level to help restore the function of the body and mind to optimal levels. Imagine how taking time for yourself and simply floating in zero gravity could help reduce stress and gain clarity! Floatation Therapy allows your body and mind time to slow down, take a break from the chaos, and tap into inner peace! It’s been around for years and recently has become more mainstream with active and retired Veterans as more people are focusing on self-care and healing through meditation and mindfulness. Floatation Therapy changes lives!!

Floating is all-natural and provides a “distraction-free” zone where you can relax and float effortlessly in a “zero-gravity environment.” You’ll be in about 10” of water, concentrated with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt so if you are dealing with arthritis, sore muscles, and joints, you can take a mini-vacation and be “pain-free” as you float. Magnesium itself has a pain-relieving effect that can last for days after you float and this is why people healing from injury float to help speed recovery. According to the Epsom Salt Council, applying the salt to the skin can help you maintain adequate magnesium levels, improve heart rate and blood circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, improve nerve function, flush toxins from the body, just a few of its benefits to experience.

In a scientific study addressing anxiety, by Thomas H Rine, M.A. and Roderick Borrie, Ph.D. at the Medical College of Ohio, it was noted that “Patients reported far more relief from anxiety and stress from floatation than any other modality. For depression, floatation was equal to counseling at near 70%, with relaxation training at 53% and physical therapy and medication at 20%.” Because of these outstanding results, just last year, the U.S House of Representatives passed H.R. 2359, the “Whole Veteran Act,” which directs the Department of Veteran Affairs to study alternative health services and expand services throughout the Veterans Health Administration. They want Veterans to try new treatment methods and use treatments like yoga, mediation, floatation therapy before using drugs for a more positive outcome.

Additional Benefits for Military:
– Trigger-Free self therapy
– Safe space for PTSD processing
– Effective concussion & TBI Management
– Zero gravity environment (no pressure points)
– Improved sleep and mental relaxation
– Increased serotonin and dopamine
– Reduces stress
– Aides anxiety and depression
– Gain mental clarity
– Boosts creativity

At the beginning of each float, you can set an intention and what you would like to accomplish during your float session. You may observe where you hold tension in your body or your mind and will develop many of your ways of using your floats to benefit you. You have complete control during your session with the option to keep the color therapy lights on in the tank or turn them off to float in complete darkness. The relaxation music is also optional and can remain on while you float or you may choose to turn off and float in silence. The water is set to skin temperature and when it becomes still you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud not knowing where your body ends and the water begins. Your mind will in a dream-like state free to drift and explore new ideas. As thoughts arise and fall you’ll let go and slip away into a deep meditative state that you might not have been able to reach during “normal” meditation due to outside stimuli. Studies show that people who float regularly report a deeper understanding and ability to transform stressful patterns, habits, and beliefs into new strategies for success and happiness.

So, we hope you will give Floatation Therapy a try so you can experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer Veterans! Float on my friends!!

SPECIAL MILITARY OFFER – FLOAT ANYTIME ~ $39/60-min float or $59/90-min float
Purchase: or Call: 615-490-8656.

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