You are in charge of your brain

By Deborah Bishop on 16th Mar 2020

In this moment, we can all agree, we are living in interesting times! It would appear no matter where we turn, or what we give our attention to it is mere inches away from fear. And it’s not just the normal fear that is always out there, it is the heightened state of frenzy propagated by the media who almost gleefully follow each lead story with the intention of keeping us glued to our screens, which in turn makes their advertisers happy.

I’m not suggesting that there isn’t cause for awareness, there most definitely is. And, there is a difference between being aware and being spoon feed headlines that only lead to the worst possible scenarios. Yes, the world feels a little crazy right now, there are things happening that we have not experienced before and lived in fear, projecting awful outcomes does not serve any of us, and certainly will not allow you, or anyone, to live in solutions that may be required for us to find right now.

Be informed, obviously, this is important but choose carefully what sources you depend upon and how often you refer to them. Be selective about the conversations you engage in and what experiences you are perpetuating for yourself and your future. And this brings us to the topic of this article which is the fact that you are in charge of your brain.

It may feel as though life is simply happening all around you and all you can do is react and respond accordingly and this is simply not so. The truth is you are in charge of your experiences, reactions and responses. You are not able to control all the situations that may be happening, expected and unexpected, however, you are completely capable of focusing your thoughts, emotions and reactions as well as the experiences you are choosing for you future.

When you find your mind dwelling in fear, you have the choice to redirect it. When your thoughts guide you to dark places, you are capable of turning on a light. If your mind is running away with itself, you can take some good deep breaths and bring yourself back to the moment, refocusing yourself on things that feel better.

Overwhelm happens, especially when it feels as though so much is out of our control, and I say, give up control. Stop trying to control your thoughts, rather let go and be in charge of them. To try and control your brain means you are spending most of your time attempting not to lose control. This is no way to live, and certainly, you will never thrive while attempting to control everything. Instead, give up control and be in charge. Someone who is in charge is someone who can literally live in the eye of the storm with everything swirling around them and be calm.

When your brain is calm, you are able to allow solutions to come with relative ease. You are able to contain your thoughts, so they move in a direction that serves you at the highest level. You are capable of clarity and this allows you to make decisions that are free from second-guessing. When you realize you are in charge of your brain you will make better and better choices, including what you allow to influence you, so you can live a much happier and fulfilled, healthy life.

Stay informed, be safe and above all else realize, you are in charge of your brain.

You are capable of more than you know,

(Rev) Deborah Bishop

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