Workshops and Classes at the Nashville Wellness Fest 2023

By Editor on 5th May 2023


The Nashville Wellness Fest is tomorrow, May 6th! Take part in informative, interactive, workshops with leading wellness experts and practitioners from the Nashville health world. From detoxing your body and nourishing your physical wellbeing, to improving your mental health through food and drug-free treatments, these workshops will equip you with the knowledge to become the healthiest version of you. These workshops are free to attend and included in your ticket!

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GUEST SPEAKER: 10.00 – 10.45: The Importance Of Detoxification Due To Environmental Aggression, Dr Christina Rahm

Dr. Christina Rahm, a multi-talented, doctor, scientist, patent innovator, humanitarian, and mother of four will be the opening speaker at this year’s Nashville Wellness Fest.  Rahm, who recently authored Cure The Causes, written after debilitating illnesses of both Lyme disease and cancer, mirrors her scientific mission of ‘curing the cause’ by getting to the ‘root’ of medical issues by detoxification disciplines. Rahm’s message, which is expertly described in her scientific teachings, her book and lecture series, all comes down to the importance of “emotional, mental, and physical improvement of health” by detoxing the body through certain disciplines and subsequently integrating the right nutrients.

11.00 – 11.45: How to Improve Your Mental Health with Food, Nourished Routes

Voted Nashville’s Best Dietitian, join Nourished Routes for an engaging workshop on how food and nutrition are linked to mental health. If you’re confused about what to eat, want to build confidence in your eating habits and understand how food can improve your mental wellbeing, this session will empower you with the knowledge you need to live a healthy, fullfilled life.

12.00 – 12.45: How LENS Neurofeedback can help with stress, depression, anxiety, and more? Sheri Rowney and Dallas Shepard, Harmonized Brain Center, Nashville

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, concussion, post COVID ‘Brain Fog’? Discover the power of LENS Neurofeedback with a live demonstration and learn more about how this amazing, drug-free, non-invasive therapy has a 95% success rate. Presented by Harmonized Brain Centers of Nashville, one of the country’s leading practitioners.

1.00 – 1.45: The Four Pillars of Healthy Living, Dr Cedrina

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated, but too often people become overwhelmed when they think about improving their health. There are four basic pillars of healthy living: eating well, regular physical activity, quality sleep, and stress management. During this workshop, Dr Cedrina aka FitDoc® will share tips to help simplify your approach to healthy living so you can get on the path to becoming your best self.

2.00 – 2.45  Home Organizing 101: Clear the Clutter, Tiffany Johanneson

Learn the basics of a solid organizing process and clear the clutter from your home. In this workshop, you will discover how to choose the right bins and containers, the influence of organization on wellbeing and the importance of staying organized in a busy world. Attendees will also have the chance to win a $100 gift card to the Container Store!


Take a deep breath and relax in The Retreat. Enjoy free yoga classes, experience a sound bath and gain a deeper understanding of meditation and stress management practices. Want your kid to try out something new? Don’t miss the Yoga for Kids session. Spend the day immersed in movements and discussions that are good for you and your soul. Just bring your own yoga mat to take part!

9.30 – 10.30: Yoga and Mindfulness, Ashley Shelley

Enjoy a relaxing Vinyasa flow session with a focus on mindfulness. This class will cater to all abilities and focus on gentle movement, so it’s perfect for beginners. Bring your own mat and stretch it out!

11.00 – 12.00 Sound Bath, Thomas Dreux

A sound bath is a meditative experience and invitation to go within where individuals lie down and listen to soothing sounds from instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks and chimes to achieve a state of relaxation and stress reduction with the intention of inducing a healing state.

12.30 – 1.30: Yoga for Kids, Ashley Shelley 

A fun, animal-themed class for kids under 18. This yoga session will encourage focus, self-awareness and practice balance and coordination. Bring a yoga mat and introduce your child to the joy of yoga.

2.00 – 3.00 Stress Management & Cultivating Resilience, Rosa Castano

Designed to help individuals recognize in themselves areas of stress and when/where they are feeling overwhelmed. Once individuals have that mindful awareness of what their triggers are, we can begin to work on stress management tools that they can feel empowered by. It is important to look at the full spectrum of life and areas that cause us stress or bring us joy to create a whole system approach!


11.00 – 11.45: How to Prepare a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner bowl in 30-minutes, Cindy David

Whether you are trying to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, learn how to cook a healthy, nutritious meal in about 30 minutes. Also discover how to make your own healthy salad dressing with only five ingredients. Healthy samples will be provided after the cooking demonstration and attendees will receive a recipe card with a shopping list.

1.45 – 2.30: Kids Cooking with Taste Quest

Join Nashville nonprofit Taste Quest for an interactive workshop that teaches kids how to cook, develop confidence in the kitchen and encourage children to nourish their bodies through food. A fun, play-based learning activity for all ages.

Book your ticket to the Nashville Wellness Fest here! Kids and seniors are free.

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