What is virtual nutrition counseling?

By Allison Tallman on 18th Mar 2020

Social distancing may leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed about not being able to continue your usual dietary and lifestyle habits, meet your nutrition goals, or see the results you desire. Virtual counseling, or telehealth, exists to prevent this by providing clients long-distance support for goal setting and lifestyle changes.

First off, let’s discuss what nutrition counseling is.
Nutrition counseling is a type of assessment which analyzes various health needs related to diet and exercise. A registered dietitian can help set achievable goals and teach various ways of maintaining those goals throughout their lifetime. Nutrition counseling typically includes a discussion on: past dieting history, past medical history, physical activity, current food and meal intake, macronutrient recommendations, goal setting, and more.

Who can benefit from nutrition counseling?
Mostly everyone can benefit from nutrition counseling including individuals of all ages. Some of the following are examples of individuals who may be appropriate.
Those with:
-Certain diagnoses such as diabetes, cancer, or cardiovascular disease
-A desire for weight loss or weight gain
-Eating disorders
-Nutrition questions
-Food allergies and intolerances
-Specific dietary habits such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or ketogenic needs

So since social distancing is a thing, how can I do this virtually?
Virtual nutrition counseling involves counseling clients via phone call, FaceTime, or Skype, and allows the client to stay at home while focusing on their nutrition. During this difficult time, clients have the ability to continue to socially distance themselves from others – keeping themselves and others safe – while also continuing to focus on personal nutritional needs. Virtual counseling may increase access to care, as some individuals may not know where to find a dietitian or how to contact them. It can also be cheaper for the client to see a dietitian virtually, as overhead costs such as space, transportation, utilities, etc are eliminated. Lastly, telehealth can improve client engagement and satisfaction. It makes it easier for the client to stay home, healthy, and engaged in their health care. Clients love the convenience, flexibility, and real-time care with their dietitian.

Meeting your nutrition goals, especially during the current state of the world, can help to improve mood, decrease anxiety, improve sleeping habits, and much more.

Schedule your virtual session
Stay at home in your pajamas and schedule a virtual session with a dietitian today! With more time at home and therefore more time to focus on yourself, better your nutrition and meet your nutrition goals. Nourished Routes understand this is a difficult and stressful time, and is offering 30 percent off virtual nutrition counseling sessions. Schedule yours today by starting with a free consultation here.

Nourished Routes, a nutrition consulting company, aims to enrich your lifestyle with interactive experiences and education. When it comes to providing nutrition therapy, their registered dietitians believe in a whole foods approach, 100% transparency with clients, and applying evidenced-based information. Some of the nutrition services of Nourished Routes includes nutrition counseling, meal plans, workshops, and much more! Check out their website at www.nourishedroutes.com for more information and to schedule a free consultation.


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