What is Assisted Lymphatic Therapy?

By Palmer Lee on 25th Sep 2020

There is a little-known, yet powerful system working in your body to constantly keep you safe from harmful pathogens, lessen inflammation, and carry your immune system. The lymphatic system is one of the most under-studied and under-appreciated systems of the human body. It not only detoxes harmful viruses, bacteria, and toxins, it also bathes every cell with the nutrients it needs.

The lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels, lymph nodes, and organs that extend throughout your entire body. The lymphatic system moves over three liters of fluid each day! Unlike your circulatory system which has your heart to pump blood, your lymphatic system does not have a pump to keep the fluid moving. Therefore, it is common for lymph to occasionally become stagnant and create congestion. This congested lymphatic fluid is known as inflammation. For some, that congestion occurs much more frequently and can cause more serious problems. Inflammation can be dangerous because it is the basis for most chronic illnesses.

Assisted Lymphatic Therapy is a modality used to help break up congested lymph and allow it to flow properly. Sessions are relaxing and similar to getting a massage. The client lays on a table and the practitioner works on most parts of the body, using a machine that emits electricity, light, and vibration. The sessions are painless and non-invasive. ALT is similar to Manual Lymph Drainage or Lymphatic Massage. The differences are that The XP2 machine stimulates lymphatic flow with far less therapy time and at a greater depth than Manual Lymph Drainage. Practitioners can reach lymph deep within the client’s organs rather than only beneath the skin.

Some conditions that may benefit from ALT include weakened immune systems (ALT may boost the immune system up to 200%!), nutrient circulation, Lymphedema, cancer, Lyme disease, inflammation, chronic pain, sinus drainage, aging, cellulite, acne, and much more!

Palmer Lee is originally from Northwest Arkansas and has lived in Nashville, TN, since 2011. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Belmont University and is certified by the Foundation for the Advancement of Energy Medicine Technologies to administer Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. Palmer received training from Rightway Health and Wellness in Canton, GA, and was instructed by Lauren Odom and Jennifer Gramith, who co-invented the XP2 machine. Palmer currently practices Assisted Lymphatic Therapy at East Nashville Chiropractic in Nashville, TN.

Palmer is offering a FREE 20-minute mini session at East Nashville Chiropractic for anyone interested in learning more! To schedule, please call 615-610-2583 or email info@palmerleealt.com.


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