What If: Reframing Trauma Through Theoretical Lenses

By Hera C Weaver on 21st Mar 2023

What If: Reframing Trauma Through Theoretical Lenses

Hera C Weaver is a writer who uses storytelling to discuss healing from trauma and living beyond how we have been conditioned to think and live. She uses ‘journey journaling’ to re-evaluate past experiences and focus on self-actualization.

In the past, I spent a lot of time, money, and energy investing in the latest and greatest “How-to-Heal” Workshop, Mentorship, Mystery School, or Coaching program. Naturally, I found some more valuable to me than others. Still, all of them were necessary to my healing journey because discovering what didn’t connect for me highlighted the instances of the opposite spectrum where I did resonate with a healing concept.

I recall one program where the host mentioned the theory that our civilization is living in a holographic Universe, an idea that was first introduced in 1997 by theoretical physicist Juan Maldancena. While the host provided a lot of information about quantum theories and mechanics, most of it went over my head. I ended up logging out of the call early to scour the internet for anything I could find on the topic, the results of which had me tumbling headfirst into a rabbit hole of Wonderland. Inside the rabbit hole, I discovered Affective Science, para-psychology, esoteric concepts such as akashic records, soul contracts, and Jungarian theories on Consciousness.

I was drawn to all those topics and realized there was more to healing than yoga, meditation, positive affirmations, and breathwork. That realization opened my eyes to the fact that I was feeling woefully disconnected, uninvested, and unproductive in my traditional spiritual practices. This Wonderland that I stumbled upon presented an opportunity to explore and apply a whole new world of information, so I decided to start with Soul Contracts.

In looking at the theories on soul contracts, my understanding is that before incarnating into this lifetime, these collaborative plans and agreements were drafted with the intent of stimulating spiritual growth. While the jury may still be out on whether our civilization is in a holographic universe, after learning about the theories on soul contracts, I choose to lean into both the holographic universe and soul contract theories. Leaning into viewing Life from these theoretical lenses has allowed me to reshape and reframe how I view my life, the purpose of the people in it, as well as past, present, and future events. I began internally asking what if every tumultuous relationship or difficult situation I experienced held the intention for me to grow spiritually.

With each question I asked myself, my sense of personal power grew, and that heavy trauma-induced feeling of helplessness lifted from me in the same way that fog dissipates in daylight. This imaginative reframing allowed me to observe myself when entangled in undesirable situations or events, which enabled me to detach from an overwhelming emotion and evaluate it from a higher perspective. This imaginative reframing allowed me to acknowledge, re-evaluate, and release negatively impactful things I buried within and carried with me for so long.

What if applying a theoretical lens to your life’s most challenging events or situations allowed you to do the same?

Until next time, my Friends!

Learn more about Hera and her journey here.


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