What does ‘thankful’ mean to a child?

By Joni Downey on 11th Nov 2020

November seems to be the month of Gratitude, we tend to stop to count our blessings, and share what makes us thankful. To be thankful is to be pleased and relieved. It’s an emotion, a feeling. To be grateful is to show an appreciation of kindness, it’s an action. Both makes one feel good.

During this month one might take their pumpkin they chose for October and have your spouse and children write one thing they are grateful for each and every day. Then, display this at the dinner table for Thanksgiving. This makes for a great conversation piece other than politics or religion!

While we become more aware of things that we are thankful for and grateful for this month, ask your children what makes them thankful and what are they grateful for? One might look deep inside of who they are as well, especially during this difficult year. As in the ‘norm’ you may have said you’re grateful for a big house, a fancy car, a great job, etc. In todays challenging times, one might have a different thought, such as being thankful for their health, spending time with their family and having a safe and comfortable home to live in.

During the month of November, Characters of Character will share Thankful Thursdays, we’ll post a thought-provoking activity and worksheet to use with your own family and children. Some of you may not be familiar with a journal, and I’m here to say that you’re missing out! When you journal, your thoughts go onto paper, being with words, pictures, art work, scriptures, etc. What you are thankful for is more intentional and you become more aware of them, plus, your attitude changes into gratitude! Even for things we take for granted, clean air, clean water, the beauty in nature, the sounds you hear, the smells you smell and all the feels that go with these.

I’d like to encourage you to discuss both gratitude and thankfulness with your children, print out the activity and build a journal with them. Later, read it over again and reinforce and remind them of what they’re thankful for and hopefully their gratitude in life will become great acts of kindness.

Click here to download a gratitude activity for your child.

Joni Downey is the founder of Characters for Character.

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