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By Editor on 24th Apr 2019

The two-woman team behind Twigs and Roots are passionate about their handcrafted products, and are committed to ensuring their range offers a natural alternative for their customers.

You know that feeling when you finally find a product that you love? You immediately go out and buy that item in bulk, praying it will never go out of stock. That is exactly what happened when Haylee Young came across the deodorant made by Nashville-based company Twigs and Roots. As a busy nurse practitioner, with a penchant for natural products and organic ingredients, she had searched and searched for her perfect deodorant. “When I found Twigs and Roots, I was so excited and it worked so well,” recalls Haylee. “I went back to buy it again and I was told that the founder was selling the company, so I told her my story and was so passionate about it, I just said there weren’t a lot of good deodorants out there that are that effective.”

This encounter led to Haylee, together with her friend Claudia Lofton purchasing Twigs and Roots, and the latest incarnation of the brand was launched. “When we took over, we pretty much immediately redid everything about it,” explains Claudia, a designer by trade. “The recipes were strong but we wanted to make it ours, so we went through a couple of rebrands, and now we’re really happy with it. It has come a long way.”

Twigs and Roots prides itself on being a small-batch, Nashville brand that is helping its customers on their journey to embrace natural, non-toxic products. “We’re so happy that people are using natural products and they know the importance of doing that, especially for women. It’s vital to make the change to natural, and do anything you can to get those products and toxins off your body,” says Haylee, whose own experience with a health-scare prompted research into the side-effects of many common products we use on our bodies each day. “As women, we are putting on so much, from makeup, to lotion to what you wash with, there is so much stuff that we are exposing ourselves to. Your body can only detox so much,” she adds.

Twigs and Roots prides itself on being a small-batch, Nashville brand that is helping its customers on their journey to embrace natural, non-toxic products.

If you turn to the ingredients list of many products you can buy in most stores, it is often full of names and chemicals that are barely understandable, which can be incredibly difficult to decipher. Each of the ingredients used in Twigs and Roots products are listed on its website, as well as an explanation of its purpose.

There has been a noticeable shift in recent years towards a more natural way of life, as individuals become more attuned to the potential health implications of the modern beauty regime. “People are becoming more aware of how many products you use in a day and there are so many articles that have been written about how many chemicals we encounter. I think that people are taking the time to be mindful about what they are buying and putting on or in their body,” says Claudia.

Twigs and Roots is committed to producing small batch, high-quality products, which are all made, poured and labeled at Claudia’s house in Nashville. Its current offering includes the firm favorite deodorants, as well as balms, salves, and powders for babies. “The Calendula balm is our most popular,” remarks Claudia. “I use it on my lips, my cuticles, I use it instead of Neosporin when I get minor cuts or burns. The calendula flower has lots of natural healing powers, and it’s anti-inflammatory.”

The baby-centric products are in popular demand at the stores that sell them, including The Getalong in East Nashville, as the natural ingredients mean that they can be used with cloth diapers. Haylee admits that becoming a mother further cemented her interest in understanding what was in the products she was using. “Having a child does take it to the next level. People become more conscious of what they are using, and people understand that we have more access to information.”

The brand is only currently available online and in stores within the Nashville area, but the popularity of the products does mean that Twigs and Roots ships all over the country. “It’s crazy because you reach so many places,” says Haylee. “It happens when people have seen our products but they live in Florida or Washington, so order it there. It’s amazing to see where we ship to.” They do hope to grow the wholesale side of the business, acknowledging that rather than local Nashvillians ordering online, it’s easier to pick up somewhere close to their homes. “People are excited to know us, and a lot of people here love our stuff, and they didn’t want to pay for shipping so then we really pushed to grow our wholesale side to get it in more sites locally, so people could easily pick it up,” explains Claudia.

The ongoing feedback that Twigs and Roots receive is what drives the brand forward. “To hear from people that use our products and love them is so encouraging. I want to provide this, even for ourselves as we love our products! And that’s why I like the idea of small batch, as it seems more intimate with better quality control,” says Haylee. When they first took over the company, both sent products to their friends and families for honest responses about what worked and what didn’t. “The biggest change since then is that we have tried to find more organic ingredients and make sure we are more aware of where they are coming from. For our herbs and for our butter, we really use higher quality,” explains Haylee.

However, both agree that the focus on the best products has to be balanced with continuing to be affordable for their customers. “We are always trying to keep our prices reasonable. With natural products and beauty in general, it’s kind of becoming a ‘fad’ now – which is great as everybody is swapping to natural stuff – but you’ll go into a store and everything is so expensive. We have tried to be conscious of that,” says Claudia. All of Twigs and Roots’ products are currently around $10. “We don’t want to price anyone out,” agrees Haylee. “I never want people to say ‘it’s too expensive I can’t do it’. That is important for us. I want this to be able to make this available to everyone. We’ve thought a lot about other products, but we want to focus on the products that we have right now and making them so good.”

Both Claudia and Haylee are proud to be a part of the growing wellness community in Nashville, especially one that has so many prominent women leading the charge. “The great thing about the health and wellness community is that there are so many women involved that are absolutely killing it. We just want to support that as much as possible, we want to work together.”
Another focus for the future is developing a more eco-conscious way to create and deliver the products to customers. Despite both women work full-time in different jobs (they describe the brand as ‘Handcrafted with heart – and a whole lot of hustle’), they are excited about the opportunities that this brand will bring them. “The next thing is finding something that is about making the packaging more sustainable. We have always thought about how we can make it a replacement [for the deodorants], or we can refill them. That has been Claudia’s thought from the moment we bought this company,” says Haylee.

“The great thing about the health and wellness community is that there are so many women involved that are absolutely killing it. We just want to support that as much as possible, we want to work together.”

Twigs and Roots is a brand that represents and epitomizes the positive changes afoot in the beauty industry. As Haylee concludes, “This is a love and a passion, and we support this type of product. We want to have something available to people that we love, and we want other people to love it too.”

Images: Claudia and Haylee (credit Alysse Gafkjen) and the Twigs and Roots baby balm (credit Heidi Wiitanen)

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