The True Purpose of Meditation

By Kimberly Revereza on 11th Apr 2022

Join us at the Nashville Wellness Fest on May 7 to experience a meditation session with Kimberley Revereza of Flourish Meditation.

We’re too busy. Far, far too busy.
To combat the overwhelm we feel on a daily and even hourly basis, we download apps where we listen to meditation recordings in order to help us find calm. We relieve a little of the pressure of this unmanageable stress, maybe, and go back to our busy lives.

But are we really living? First of all, the point of meditation isn’t stress relief. That’s a benefit of meditation. Your life
doesn’t change much if you keep showing up for the quick fix while you’re missing the whole point. The point of meditation is to know yourself better. Meditation provides the opportunity to meet yourself – your true self – in the space it creates. The you who isn’t just your job and your daily tasks and your current age and the way you wear your hair and the color you just painted your living room walls and your drink order at Starbucks, but the you who transcends all of that. The you who has needs and hurts and layers and is beautifully unique and should be the driving force of all the rest. The voice is drowned out every day by your busyness.

Meditation is the vehicle that drives you deeper into yourself than you’ve ever gone before. How? Meditation creates a space between your surface thoughts and feelings and this true self. As you’re able to separate from your thoughts and feelings you begin to see that they’re something you have and not who you are. And once you see how fleeting and detached these
thoughts and feelings are, you can begin to see what’s really there.

Why does this matter? Because living from this place of truth will change your entire life. How you care for yourself, the decisions you make like where to live and how to spend your time, the relationships you value or release, where you find joy, how you heal pain, all it is impacted by listening to this inner voice of truth. This doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or take a certain set of skills. Eckhart Tolle said, “one conscious breath in and out is a meditation.” The difference is in your motivation. Seek to find truth through a calmer life rather than seeking to find calm amidst a busy life.

Kimberly Revereza is the founder of Flourish Meditation. Learn more with Flourish Meditation on May 7th at 1pm at the Nashville Wellness Fest.

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