The importance of humor in a pandemic

By Jane Smith on 14th May 2020

A person laughing

There can be humor, even in the middle of a Pandemic. It’s can be a little difficult to see the funny side of things when the news is filled with doom and gloom, peppered with depressing statistics about infection and death rates, plus you’re cocooned at home where the novelty of working on your kitchen table is wearing a little thin.

But the human spirit, and imagination can, and should, always find humor in practically any dire situation. It’s our way of coping and for a while leaving depressing reality behind. With that in mind let’s lighten the mood and see what people have been doing and saying over the last few weeks to entertain and amuse us.

Insider magazine reports on the antics of two teddy bears called Ted and Ed that have kept the spirit of stupidity alive in Stockport, England by each day indulging in some antics that have kept people smiling through it all. Say their ‘owners’ (who may possibly be the bears themselves) “both Ted and Ed were adopted from Costco after we found them causing a mess on the marmalade aisle and they have been living with us ever since,” their owners told Insider. “All our neighbors have been very supportive of the bears’ daily activities and have come to tell us how wonderful it is to see families and people turning on to our street beaming with a smile at the sight of the bears’ daily activities.”

The same article also reveals a Zoom meeting where the boss turns on a potato filter and couldn’t change it back, to everyone’s amusement and someone who’s found the time to fulfill a yearning desire to make a squirrel restaurant.

Meanwhile those seeking love and relationships in this no (physical) contact world have resorted to some pretty imaginative, and funny virtual chat up lines. Huffington Post tracked down some great Tweets, Texts and Videos that show the lengths people will go to strike up relationships online.

Over in the UK, best selling tabloid newspaper The Sun has collected a wonderful series of pics from around the World showing how both people and animals are finding humor in these strained times. From a dog taking himself for a walk to a parent apparently tying and gagging her children while trying to work from home. See them all here.  Finally, news agency Reuters looked at how TV and Film personalities are using humor to dispense advice information and keep us entertained. Danny DeVito, Stephen Colbear and Jimmy Fallon all have videos in this article putting their own amusing spin on the current crisis. To see what they’ve been up to here.

Mental health professionals say ‘humor is a balm for soothing nerves, not just by tickling funny bones but also by decreasing stress hormones. Clinical evidence shows high levels of stress can weaken immune systems’. So, seeing the funny side of life is good for your health.

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