Tennessee Women In Green (TWIG)

By Renee Barker on 23rd Sep 2019

Renee Barker of Tennessee Women In Green, explains what the organization does, and how more women can take part…

Tennessee Women In Green, or TWIG, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has served the Nashville area since 2008. Our mission is to empower, inspire and connect women who are committed to environmental sustainability. Over 10 years ago a small group of women collaborated to create a gathering to share their visions, knowledge and passions in growing the field of sustainability in Tennessee. Today, TWIG routinely hosts events to promote this vision.

We believe in empowering our members in their journeys to advance environmental sustainability. Through our scholarship fund, we support those who would not otherwise be able to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and other continuing education activities. As a seasoned nonprofit in the environmental community, we provide access to educational and networking events presented by other organizations across the wide array of sustainability topics. Our monthly meetings feature a local or national expert from a variety of subjects, such as forestry, design, education, policy, transportation, waste and more, that will inspire you to take action in your daily life. We organize volunteer teams to support the sustainability causes that our members care about, and regularly keep everyone updated on the latest community events.

This year we are jointly hosting the Women In Green Leadership Breakfast with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Tennessee Chapter. The 2nd annual breakfast is an inspiring event revolving around a moderated panel between environmental leaders across West, Middle, and East Tennessee. The panel will include representatives from government, nonprofit, utilities and the private industry for green building to showcase how diverse sectors can lead the way in sustainable practices. Women in green building or sustainability fields will be able to share their stories and learn from each other’s career and personal experiences in roundtable discussions. New this year is the presentation of the Tennessee Women in Green Leadership Award, followed by a special keynote address.

There is so much value in being able to network with other similarly-minded women and learn about the many businesses, organizations, initiatives and personal journeys advancing sustainability in the Nashville community. Through happy hour socials, a service-oriented book club, and networking time at each monthly meeting our members and guests have many opportunities to connect. We share the stories of what’s going on in Nashville so you can stay informed about the local environmental issues that move you the most.

We share the stories of what’s going on in Nashville so you can stay informed about the local environmental issues that move you the most.

Our new Irises Book Club, named after the Tennessee state flower, is a fitting acronym for the books we seek out: Inspiring Reads In Science, Environment, and Sustainability. Every other month the group meets to discuss what energized, challenged or entertained us from the stories we read. We mix investigative nonfiction, memoirs, and nature-inspired novels that offer a fresh perspective on the world around us. So far we have covered topics in indigenous teachings and science, hopeful beliefs for the future, citizen science, and how the global food system is continually affected by climate change. Armed with a long list of recommendations, we explore whatever subject is currently on the mind of the club members. Unique to this club is that each book is paired with a volunteer activity to support a local nonprofit or sustainability initiative in
Tennessee. We are pleased to enrich our readers lives with service opportunities while making an impactful difference in addressing the needs of organizations we support.

If you relate to the topics above, we welcome you to check out TWIG as a guest at our next monthly meeting. Our members span all industries, both environmentally related and otherwise, and represent all ages. We are here for those who are professionally or personally interested. By connecting with experts and people interested in the same ideas, together we can make our community more sustainable.

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