Tennessee ranked one of worst states for children’s healthcare

By Editor on 23rd Jul 2020

A new survey by WalletHub compared the 50 states (and the District of Columbia) across 33 key indicators of cost, quality, and access to children’s health care. Tennessee’s overall ranking is 41st. Breaking down the numbers further, Tennessee is ranked the worst state for children’s nutrition, physical activity and obesity, 22nd in oral healthcare, and 32nd in children’s access to healthcare.

The report states:

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to get worse, it’s more important now than ever to safeguard the health of America’s children. While children are less likely than adults to experience serious symptoms from COVID-19, they are still able to contract the disease and spread it to others. Children also may be less apt to practice good hygiene than adults, so now is a good time to teach them how to stay clean and minimize their chances of getting sick.

Luckily, around 95% of children ages 0 to 18 have health insurance. However, the high coverage rate hasn’t translated to lower health costs for parents. According to a recent study, health care costs have risen to almost twice their level in the 1980s. Some families can find relief through Medicaid or through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). However, many people who don’t qualify for government assistance will still struggle, especially in the difficult economic situation caused by COVID-19.

But it’s a different story in every state. WalletHub therefore compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 33 key indicators of cost, quality and access to children’s health care. Our data set ranges from share of children aged 0 to 17 in excellent or very good health to pediatricians and family doctors per capita. Read on for our findings, expert insight from a panel of researchers and a full description of our methodology.

Click here to see the full report.


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