Teach your kids healthy habits at the Nashville Wellness Fest

By Joni Downey on 30th Mar 2022

Bring in good behavior with Behavior Bear, learn good manners with Manners Monkey and build self-esteem with Self-Esteem elephant into the conversation with Characters of Character. Join us on May 7th at the Nashville Wellness Fest from 10:30-11:15 at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Characters of Character creator Joni Downey will share some tips and tricks to help reinforce these vital core values in your daily lives with your own children.

As a parent, one thing I’ve learned is the importance to listen to your children. A hard lesson that I learned was when our daughter was late coming home from a friend’s house. I automatically began to panic! Where did she go, who is she with, why is she late and all the motherly emotions that go along with you on a panic adventure!

Little did I know that she did tell me where she was going, who she was going with and what time she would be back. I just didn’t remember because I did not give her my attention. When we had the discussion, I was busy doing something else and I did not give her my full attention and pay complete attention to the conversation. So, a word of advice:

1. Stop doing what you are doing and give your complete attention to your child.

2. Make complete eye contact and listen to the conversation

3. Ask any questions during this time and make it clear on the details.

If you think about it, when you’re talking with your children, you expect them to give you their attention and make sure they hear and understand you, it’s part of being respectful. Actually, pretty simple, but, life gets so busy at times that we don’t stop to focus on the conversation in full listening mode.

I know that kids do not come with instruction manuals and that each of our children is very different, yet all the same. Providing our children with a firm foundation will allow them and us to grow into healthier relationships. I hope you’ll join me as I share some resources and take always at the Nashville Wellness Fest in May!

Book your tickets to the Nashville Wellness Fest here – kids under 18 go free (no ticket required)!

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