Systemic detoxification – Getting to the ROOT of the problem

By Editor on 23rd Jul 2020

The term “Detox” has taken over the health and wellness world. We know we are polluted, but do you know how polluted and how to get these toxins out of the areas of the body where they do the most damage? From juice cleanses to detox challenges, liver flushes to colon cleanse, different supplements to support organ function, and more; most “detoxes” are promoted as a week to a 90-day journey. You probably have or have heard stories about how bad you felt on that journey. A Nashville company, The Root Brand, is changing the way we look at detoxification: safe, simple, systemic, and passive. A cleansing at levels you never imagined could be possible.

Gone are your celery juice cleanses, ROOT focuses on a lifestyle approach to address toxicity issues 365 days a year. A true foundation to wellness which makes a lot more sense since toxins have been in use since the day we were born and accumulate every day since from your food, water, air, and soil to go along with other exposures.

Nature has created everything we need; we have had to learn to use its gifts. ROOT Clean Slate processes nature’s most effective detoxifier into a solution to purify your mind, body, and soul from head to toes. True systemic detoxification is not just about your liver, kidneys, and gut. The focus has to be purifying the areas where toxins are stored. ROOT CleanSlate removes these silent killers from the deepest parts of your body.

Daily detoxification sounds difficult, ROOT made it simple. 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops at night. Simple, easy, and amazing after a night out on Broadway.

Why Detox Daily?

We are all beautiful cesspools. You know the issues: poisoned in the womb, thanks mom, and every day since. Breast milk, vaccines, food, fluids, air, travel, the environment we cannot escape the ongoing daily onslaught of toxins and chemicals surrounding us. It does not stop after a week or 3 months and a short “cleanse” isn’t deep enough to get to the areas of the body where these toxins are stored and crate damage. Your brain, joints, organs, fat stores, and tissues are the areas to clean. This is the ongoing battle. ROOT Clean Slate works through every part of your body to grab and remove heavy metals, glyphosate, viral particles, mold spores, and more toxins are known to cause 90% of our health issues. Remove the cause of negative inflammation, improve energy, sleep better (by detoxifying your pineal gland), decrease stress, improve memory, improve nails and hair growth, and much more. All through a simple process of addition by subtraction.

ROOT is transforming the wellness industry with a unique approach to health and business. A unique social sharing model that rewards its customers for sharing with friends. ROOT rewards its customers for sharing the gift of health and a simple message: Cure the Cause.

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