Sunscreen Is Not All You Need to Protect Your Skin!

By Dr Christina Rahm on 11th Aug 2023

As a child, I knew I wanted to work in a field where I could help people. I wavered back and forth between becoming a medical doctor, a veterinarian (as I LOVE animals), or a research scientist. Though, at one point and time, I also wanted to be a chef and an artist as my mother was a music teacher. Music and creative artistry were in my family’s blood. Ultimately, my desire to help people was stronger than that of becoming an artist or creative professional as I needed to better the lives of people (and animals) by helping decrease harm.

I remember in elementary school, teachers often talked about the importance of conservation. Whether it be environmental conservation, nature, energy, water, and even wildlife. Conservation in the simplest of terms means “the prevention of the wasteful use of resources.” I was always intrigued as conservation was a way of supporting the health of everyone.

As time evolved, I became concerned about discussions related to conservation when it came to the degradation of the environment, and the harm and damage environmental issues have on our health.

In college, my professors often discussed the environment and generally tried to explain that “our universe is not becoming a cleaner entity, but dirtier, polluted, and more toxic than ever before.”  With that, I am sure most have seen the alarming video footage of smokestacks pumping pollution directly into the air to visually (and shockingly) remind us about the toxic air we consistently breathe, not to mention those associated contaminants which adhere to our skin, daily.

Fast forward, WOW!!! Have we learned much about what the environment is really doing to our bodies, and not just the air we breathe, but the water we drink and the food we eat? As in any genre, research has provided alarming information about the environment’s harmful effects on all of us.

As a scientist, I have formulated patented and proprietary products, from nutraceuticals to improve focus, detoxification products to remove bacteria, mold, fungus, and parasites, as well as formulas that replenish needed nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties. I have worked extensively to clean the inside of the body. Now, I am working to protect the outside by way of better shielding the skin from harmful pollution contaminants, often referred to as ‘particle matter.’

As a rule of thumb, most people have utilized sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful UV rays (radiation). But have you ever thought about how to protect your skin from particle pollution such as toxins, lead, and heavy metals?

Scientifically, after years of research, I have taken steps to do just this. I have formulated a product that contains a protective coating that adheres to the skin, not only to protect it from the sun, but also from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. This new product, titled ‘Envirem Skin Defense,’ is a body spray designed (for all areas of the dermis) to prevent harmful contaminants from penetrating the dermis and/or pores of the skin’s surface.

Envirem Skin Defense contains potassium iodide (a type of iodine used to help block radioactive materials and clear toxins which enter the skin), Ortho silicic acid (the key compound in silica) which provides natural exfoliation, aloe vera gel, vitamin C, hypochlorous acid (a natural disinfectant), and vitamin B3.

Sadly, through the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal, the excretion of exhaust fumes, garbage pollution, off-gassing from plastic products, paint vapors, and radiation spills, our environment has become depleted of quality air, quality water, and soil, causing the destruction of ecosystems. Also, deforestation and climate change have contributed to decreased crop yields and water shortages. In all honestly, there are too many degradations ‘causes’ to list, all of which have equated to the negative environment outcomes we are all now experiencing.

At least now we better understand the results from the years of environmental abuse, and that is why I work ad nauseam to support the health of individuals through detoxing and protective health/wellness initiatives.

I believe Envirem Skin Defense is a step in the right direction to not only protect our skin from harmful, microscopic particle matter, but also an avenue to teach awareness on the importance of the detrimental effects of environmental contaminants; an attribute (I believe) the average person does not think about when they go outside each morning with unprotected skin. For more information on Envirem Skin Defense, go to

In closing, I have not forgotten about my childhood dreams of also helping animals and will discuss that initiative in next month’s guest column. Simply, people are not the only ones affected by our environment; our animals are as well.



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