Stealth Pack launches in Nashville

By Ryan Prinzing on 6th Aug 2021

A brand new hydration pack brand aimed to smooth out the way you move with your fluids was created out of an apartment in Nashville, TN.

Traditionally speaking, moving around with hydration packs feels uncomfortable and awkward. Most packs on the market either slap, bounce, or rub around during exercise – especially on trails, hills, and rougher terrain. This makes the entire experience of carrying your water feel heavy, clunky, and off-balance. I’ve designed the Stealth Pack to hold your water in a new way that eliminates any room for bounce, allowing you to move smoothly with your hydration – even on the toughest terrain. Making the experience of carrying fluids feel lighter, balanced, and ultimately more enjoyable.

It all came to fruition in 2019 here in Nashville, TN. After playing Division 1 baseball in college, I got into long-distance trail running and road races as a way to fuel my adrenaline needs, get outdoors and push my limits after college. During my training, I quickly realized that there must be a better way to move with water, not only for endurance athletes like myself but for anyone that carries a pack outside.

So I decided to create my own, and for the last two years, I worked tirelessly in my apartment between training runs and a day job to design a hydration pack that solved my needs: one that would feel smooth on any terrain, reduces the awkwardness and sloshiness of the reservoir, and actually feels good to wear. Simply put, I wanted it to move with you, not against you.

At the heart of it all, this was accomplished by having the reservoir be square-shaped, not cylinder-shaped. Then boxing that in with a drawbridge divider that keeps your fluids nice and tight. With the unique internal construction, the reservoir rests comfortably like a pillow in the pack, taking pressure away from the spine and leaving no room for fluids to bounce
or move.

On the outside, its sleek, low-profile design is a cross between minimalistic and futuristic. The fabric is bluesign-approved, lightweight and breathable, yet also weatherproof and durable — as well as highly reflective for safety. To add flair and functionality, hidden features such as deployable bungees, quick access pockets, and expandable storage are put in place so the wearer can grab whatever they need quickly and easily.

It’s been a long two years of sketching, prototyping, and tinkering around with different designs out of my apartment in Nashville. Now, the pack (known as the Stealth Pack) is finally being launched via Kickstarter on August 3rd and will be available at a discounted price for 30 days.


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