Searching for positives in the Covid-19 era

By Paul Rowney on 14th May 2020

No matter how bad the calamity or disaster, when the dust begins to settle there are always positive takeaways and lessons to be learned. Already some of these outcomes are being covered in the media. Here we highlight some good news both on a personal and worldwide level that COVID 19 has spawned.

First up, a blog by Katherine Plumhoff, written early on in the pandemic already saw some positive signs, some major, some minor.  Across Europe in particular, which went into lockdown long before the USA, videos started emerging of talented musicians entertaining their neighbors and friends with an astonishing level of ability and talent. She highlighted this one as particularly moving:  She adds, (like many others) that we have developed a better sense of community, discovered new hobbies and worldwide pollution levels have plummeted. Click here for her full list.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Ross picks up on how this pandemic has made us realize how important Family is to our health and security. She goes on to list nine other things the pandemic has ‘brought into focus’: A sense of community, how we take eating out for granted, the importance of technology, and the need for compassion. To see her thoughtful list, click here.

The website ‘Mega Interesting’, lists several positive outcomes, which includes the discovery that we should, “Enjoy the Little things” such as going for a walk in the park or a late-night drink with friends. They add we should also be cognizant that some jobs really are ‘essential’ but we take them for granted most of the time – such as health care and health workers. And they also include on their list the need to support local and small businesses wherever possible. Click here to find out more.

Writing on AZCentral, Sybil Francis again points out that pollution levels have dropped in many places and specifically in Phoenix where they expect ‘half or fewer poor air quality days’. She goes on to cite that ‘Telemedicine’ and the delivery of care via video has been implemented for the first time and Telecommuting has been shown to work in areas where beforehand it was thought impractical. For more on her list, visit this website.

Finally, the heavyweight ‘Politico’ weighs in with a series of quotes and prophesies from a wide range of ‘macro thinkers’, commenting: “crisis moments also present opportunity: more sophisticated and flexible use of technology, less polarization, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s other simple pleasures. No one knows exactly what will come, but here is our best stab at a guide to the unknown ways that society—government, healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles, and more—will change.
To see what their line up of experts had to say on these topics, click here.

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