Reduce waste with compost campaign in Tennessee

By Editor on 25th Nov 2019

The Tennessee Environmental Council has announced that its campaign to encourage composting throughout the state has been so successful, it has the green light for another year.

In a statement, the organization explains that – with the help of Kroger and Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) – the ‘Come Post Your Compost’ campaign will continue into 2020. The idea behind this initiative is to reduce the amount of food waste that currently is sent to landfills across the state. The group is looking for more residents to participate, at no cost.

“We are thankful to Kroger and TDEC for extending their support of this fun campaign and making it financially possible,” says Brandi Prewitt, Manager of Development and Communications for the Council. “Kroger has elevated its efforts to address food waste through our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste plan launched two years ago and chose to sponsor Come Post Your Compost for the second year because it is working, and many of our customers are participating and making a difference,” says Melissa Eads, Corporate Affairs Manager for the Kroger Nashville Division.

Come Post Your Compost was designed to engage at least 1,000 Tennessee residents in diverting 60 tons of food and yard waste from our landfills by the end of 2019. The Council now has over 1000 Tennesseans participating statewide and is on track to meet the 60 ton goal by the end of the year. Due to the success of the campaign in its first year, the Council has decided to extend this campaign for another year.

Currently, 40% of food produced in America goes uneaten, averaging about 20 lbs wasted per person every month, and only 3% of this food waste is composted. Food waste is the single largest occupant in U.S. landfills, which are reaching capacity. Composting is an effective way to reduce this problem and help restore Tennessee’s topsoils with nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Every participant in “Come Post Your Compost” has a chance to win cash for actively participating in addition to access to resources that include a comprehensive website showing how to get started composting, what can be composted, and showcasing county-specific resource pages, educational videos, and community stories.

Visit for more information and to get started with the composting project.

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