PURE Living Nashville issue one out now!

By Paul Rowney on 1st Nov 2019

Firstly… why PURE Living Nashville at all?

As the publisher and owner of Nashville Health and Wellness Magazine for the past two years, it became apparent that its remit was too narrow. Health and wellness on a personal basis is essential to a long and happy life. But one crucial element was missing in our coverage: The role our environment plays in a healthy living journey. We need to look at how the products we buy affect the environment we live in, and why everyone needs not just to recognize what needs to be done from recycling to helping reduce carbon emissions, but also take action.

Across the following pages, we will be advocating green-living, environmentally- friendly lifestyle choices, sustainable practices and talk (a lot) about climate change. This magazine’s articles will discuss the impact of issues such as plastic pollution, carbon emissions, global warming and more. And where possible, illustrate the effects it will have on you and your community.

It’s too easy to see climate change as someone else’s problem, too distant and remote in time and geography to be of concern to you, so we will try and bring the, at times, uncomfortable home truths, to your home. That’s why we have chosen as our ‘Person of the Month’ the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who delivered a message to the UN and the world that told many home truths.

Here in Nashville, we have a whole range of people and businesses doing great work to help the environment, and we’ll do our best to highlight them in this and subsequent issues. They deserve your support.

And, of course, Nashville also has an incredible depth of talent and knowledge in health- care, both traditional and alternative, which we will continue to cover. Click here to download the inaugural issue.

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