Please use polite words, children are listening

By Joni Downey on 7th May 2020

A child smiling

When you stop to think of your daily language, you probably don’t think twice. Should you have healthy habits and use polite language, well then, you have nothing to worry about. However, if your children are younger (ours are adults) beware that they hear every word that comes out of your mouth! Please use polite words!

I can still remember the first time our son said sh*t, I about fell to the floor hearing this from a three-year-old! As a young mom I couldn’t imagine he heard this from me, but, no doubt he did. Naturally, in my opinion, we all take for granted that our children are listening to what we have to say, although at times it doesn’t feel like it, they are watching what we do and most likely want to be like us when they grow up. Therefore, it’s so important to be a role model for your own children and they will become a role model for others.

Tips on teaching manners from Manners Monkey and Characters of Character:
1. Be a role model
2. Be polite and use polite words at home, driving in the car and talking on the phone
3. Use polite words in conversations
4. Use polite actions and words in your home environment, at outdoor activities
5. Be polite wherever you go
6. Acknowledge your child’s good manners

While using polite words and displaying kind actions a child will internalize the feeling of good manners and they will become habit-forming for a lifetime. The more your child hears you using polite words, the more they will use polite words, too. The more your child witnesses your kind actions and manners, they will model the same.

​”The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” 
​~Fred Astaire Having good manners, good character, good values have been around forever. The platform has changed, but the concept will never. Our children need to be taught these important values and in this ever-changing world we’re living in, at times it becomes a challenge. Stop to breathe and remember that there is a child watching you, listening to you and wanting to be just like you. Please make good choices in your actions and in your words.

Out of all the character traits there are, this one hits home. While I waited in the car as my mom had gone into a gas station, I witnessed a young man walk in ahead of her and not even hold the door open. I thought I would get out and slap him! Having good manners also encompasses showing respect, having good behavior and you attract persons of the same demeanor. As a mom, I always liked when our children brought home polite, respectful and kind friends to our home. Their actions were pure and their language was worth listening to!

Teaching children vital core values shapes them into their own character and helps them to gain a deeper awareness to develop these positive character traits.

Watch more from Manners Monkey by watching this Video.

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