Pet health and the New Year

By Dr Christina Rahm on 4th Jan 2024

As we enter January and the New Year, we reminisce about new beginnings. Those new beginnings often encompass new, or updated, goals which may or may not have been met the previous year. Those goals often include plans for exercise, healthier eating, a decrease in sugar consumption, and for many, less alcohol. We live in a world where we are consistently encouraged ‘to do everything better, to make our lives (and health) better.’

For those with families, like me, my goals often extend to include healthier disciplines for my husband and children, as well. But do you ever think about healthier goals for your pets?

Sound odd? Well, it shouldn’t. With more than 66 percent of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) owning pets, we should always be cognizant of the health of our animals, as it can be everchanging, comparable to our own health.

According to FORBES, pet ownership has been up 56 percent over the past three decades. From companionship to emotional support animals, pets are a vital part of most families’ lives. Further, and a surprising statistic, FORBES states, in 2022, Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets, an increase of 10.68 percent from 2021.

Sadly, we have all seen animals with health issues, running the gambit from malnourishment to obesity. We have seen skin issues, hair issues, and those who have oral health problems due to a lack of proper dental care. Often, animal health issues (comparable to humans) are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, all of which can lead to disease, not to mention a wide range of nutritional deficiencies that can lead to health ailments.

As a scientific formulator of a myriad of health products for humans (and a lifelong pet owner), I began thinking about how I could make sure my pets receive not only the nutrients they need for better health and longevity but also how could I provide them an avenue to rid them of unhealthy toxins.

Through much scientific research, I found most nutrient regimes important for humans are just as important for our pets. Whether it be detoxing to rid toxins from their little bodies to taking ample prebiotic fiber and greens for good digestive and metabolic health, as well as immune support.

As an example, Red Beet Powder is a powerful prebiotic. Red beet fiber helps create an optimal environment (friendly bacteria) in the animal’s gut for digestive health, regular bowel movements and stool consistency.

Other examples include the need for Bovine Collagen Peptides to support joints, tendons, and cartilage health. As they age, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes (comparable to humans), making them more susceptible to injury, painful joints, as well as poor skin and coat health. This nutrient can also help alleviate arthritic symptoms which is customary for aging dogs.

Dr Rahm and her pet Einstein

When it comes to ‘defending your pets’ against illness, animals need Vitamin C for antioxidant purposes. This mineral scavenges potentially harmful free radicals and can help reduce inflammation and cognitive aging. Magnesium Oxide is another important nutritional aid for stool consistency and digestion. Quercetin, a plant pigment flavonoid, also helps balance the immune system while promoting anti-inflammatory support.

Finally, carrot powder is phenomenal for your pets, as it is heavy in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, both of which are essential for eye health.  These nutrients can also give your pets both healthy skin and coat.

Because of my lifelong love for animals, and my belief that they should be happy and healthy, with much longevity, I created an animal nutraceutical line titled Bill & Coo. This line was primarily created to help protect pets from aging and disease, improve skeletal, digestive, and metabolic health, while utilizing trace minerals and nutrition (including all ingredients listed above) to maintain DNA integrity for proper cell function.

As a goal for the New Year, let us not only work to gain better health for ourselves but also work to increase our pet’s health and stamina. For me, having three dogs, and two cats, our animals are a huge part of our family’s lifestyle and travels, so, they need to be just as healthy as my family is.

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