Our favorite spin studios in Nashville

By Editor on 23rd Jan 2020


The rise in popularity of spin classes in recent years is reflected in the numerous studios that have made a home for themselves in Nashville. Each indoor cycling studio has its own distinct style, offering and loyal following. We have highlighted a few of our favorites in the city.

The new kid on the block – Cycle Haus
Cycle Haus opened in East Nashville late last year and is one of the newest studios in Nashville. “Opening a studio has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years and the time just felt right to bring this to East Nashville. I have been an instructor in the area for close to five years and wanted to make East my permanent cycling home,” explains Cycle Haus founder Natalie Qayed. “We are not a traditional rhythm ride studio. We have a few instructors who ride strictly to the beat but for the most part we incorporate it into our rides but it is not the basis of our classes. If you’re training for a race or triathlon, we have great training coaches, if you like good choreography and fun playlists we have them too! A little someone for everyone!”

The bikes at Cycle Haus have consoles that can monitor distance, RPM, track calories and more, which makes it ideal for those who are training for a race or have specific goals in mind, such as improving distance and speed. “Our technology and bikes are state of the art, we have a training app you can pair to your console to keep track of rides, a monitor leaderboard capabilities,” adds Natalie. But Cycle Haus is also great for more casual riders, who want to make spin classes a part of their workout routine. “More than anything we hope you feel like you belong with us even after just one ride. Our purpose is to make every single person who rides with us feel like they are exactly where they are supposed to be,” says Natalie.

Good vibes only – Verticity
Do you want the calorie burn of a high-intensity workout, combined with the soulful nature of a life coaching class? Then Verticity is the spin studio for you. With locations in East and West Nashville, the ethos of this studio is centred on good vibes, community spirit and positive empowerment of everyone who attends a class. “We began with one mission, and one mission only. To love ourselves and each other so well that the effect would be the creation of more love, safety, healing, community, and family. So, with a genuine thirst for and devotion to people and movement, we began a love story between human souls and stationary bikes,” says co-owner Lindsay Brooker. “Verticity is a catalyst for giving people permission to step into themselves proudly, presently, and powerfully. Space for people to physically work in, work through, and work with their fears, their doubts, their anxieties, without the veil of judgement, shame, or failure. It is in our dark room, on bikes going nowhere, that we learn to embrace ourselves and each other for all of the ways we are similar, and for all of the ways we are unique. Through sweat, hard work, and perseverance, we are building an army of love. And we are igniting great flames of passion in everyone we meet.”

“Verticity is a catalyst for giving people permission to step into themselves proudly, presently, and powerfully. Space for people to physically work in, work through, and work with their fears, their doubts, their anxieties, without the veil of judgement, shame, or failure.”

With the mantra, ‘ride bikes and make friends’, any attendee of a Verticity class feels friendship and empowerment with their fellow riders. As Lindsay explains, “Verticity is a community where people are the core of our why. We strive to be leaders in the business of fitness and succeeding in the fitness of business. We are here to better our communities through diverse voices, growth, integrity and good hustle. You can expect a warm welcome, classes full of music, movement, motivation, and sweat, and a family of the most supportive, courageous humans you’ve ever met! If you’re looking for a home, our door is wide open!”

The crowd favorite: Full Ride Cycling
Full Ride Cycling has won a number of accolades and awards since it opened in 2018, and if you take a class with its founder and owner, Kenzie Todd, you’ll quickly see why it’s one of the top spin studios in Nashville. “I was inspired to set up Full Ride Cycling because of the belief in how powerful a workout can be for the heart,” explains Kenzie. “For me, 45 minutes in a dark, candlelit room with spectacular music and a motivational instructor was a life-changing experience, and I believe it can be that same experience for many. Sometimes we have no idea how badly we need it: a cycle to reset the mind, fatigue the body, and break down the barriers we carry all day. A few simple encouraging words at just the right moment…. it changed everything for me.”

Currently located in a shipping container, 2020 will see the studio move into a larger space to accommodate its growing following of loyal clients. This community is something that Kenzie has cultivated in the past year. “When you ride at Full Ride, you’re riding together with people who want to see you succeed in every facet of your life, not just fitness. Nashville is such a transplant city, folks are moving in every day, seeking a place to connect and meet others. Over the last few years, I noticed so many new Nashvillians craving community and not knowing where to find it. So this was just another reason why I felt the need to open the doors to Full Ride Cycling. We are that place where people, even introverts like myself, can walk through the doors and become a part of something. How cool is it that through fitness and bettering our health we also find souls who are like us and do life with us? It’s such a special place.”

“When you ride at Full Ride, you’re riding together with people who want to see you succeed in every facet of your life, not just fitness.”

Something a little different – Tylt Cycle
Tylt Cycle is the only studio in Nashville that offers a fully dynamic cycling experience, due to the studio’s Real Ryder bikes. The articulating bike frame and handlebars enable you to lean, turn, steer and balance while remaining stationary. “Our bikes lean back and forth, operating on a spring load, subsequently engaging the core and upper body. Because our bikes “tylt”, in motion with the body, less tension is put on the rider’s spine and joints, creating a safer environment for which the body to move. And because of the leaning and steering, riders burn at least 20 percent more calories than on a stationary bike,” says co-founder and CEO of Tylt, Allison Jacob.

The studio is known for its Dirty 30/30 classes, where clients experience 30 minutes of cardio on the bikes, followed by 30 minutes of strength training. This hybrid class is ideal for anyone looking to maximise their workout time and hit all the bases in one go. “My business partner, Paige Fuson, and I quickly recognized how the consumer’s love for cycling has become an exercise niche that is here to stay. Both exercise enthusiasts who wholly embrace the benefits of weight training coupled with creative cardio outlets, we aimed to create an experience where cycling cardio could meet strength, for a dynamic workout, ultimately leaving the consumer less prone to injury, with more endurance and power,” says Allison.

The classic option – CycleBar
CycleBar has two locations in West Nashville and the Gulch, which are part of a nationwide franchise of a network of over 200 indoor cycling studios. For those who have previously visited SoulCycle or similar studios, CycleBar offers you the classic spin experience, with a full schedule of rhythm-based classes ranging from ‘The Classic’ that is a mix of strength, endurance and hills, to the ‘Connect’ classes that do not use the monitors and screens but encourages you to see the studio as a sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life.

A great feature with CycleBar is following the completion of your workout, your results will be immediately emailed to you, so you can see how many calories you have burned, your time on the bike and your speed. For those with a competitive streak, you can also choose to be shown on the studio’s leaderboard, which ranks each individual’s output in the class.


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