New Nashville non-profit seeks common ground

By Editor on 10th Jun 2020

A new non-profit organization ‘Common Ground Network’ seeks to build bridges between individuals and communities.

“Our mission is to help people discover what they have in common with others in order to find solutions to the conflicts they face, which in turn enables them to be more successful and fulfilled in their individual lives and cultures. We also seek to network with organizations that have similar goals. We believe there are universally applicable, common ground-seeking methodologies that can be extracted from the experiences of those we call “Common Ground Champions” – people who have successfully applied these methods of identifying what they have in common.”

The initiative hopes to achieve success in myriad ways, and outlines its purpose in a series of statements:

At Common Ground Network, we stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before us, and who have inspired us to further the cause by developing a generally applicable system for everyone seeking to find what we all have in common.

WHY WE EXIST: To help people find common ground, resolve gridlocks and discover solutions so that the quality of their lives is improved, they are more successful, and they feel more fulfilled.

WHAT WE DO: We research the methodologies of the champions to formulate a new Common Ground-Seeking System.

HOW WE DO IT: We teach people this system and help them apply it in order to discover the common ground necessary to work together to solve the problems they face.

One of the co-founders of the initiative is renowned Nashville laser eye surgeon Dr Ming Wang. Dr. Wang is a world-class cataract and LASIK eye surgeon, philanthropist, and community activist. He is the founding director of the internationally known Wang Vision Institute, Nashville, TN, USA. “Over the decades I have dedicated myself to the cause of helping people find common ground, by having founded organizations such as the Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group and Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration. Now, I have co-founded another 501c(3) non-profit, the Common Ground Network, which teaches a unique and powerful Common Ground-Seeking System, to help people find common ground and hence solutions to problems so they can be more successful and fulfilled!”

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