Nashville’s self-care programs

By Lakeithea Anderson on 5th Jul 2019

What options are available for local residents of Nashville if they want to concentrate on self-care? Lakeithea Anderson, community engagement coordinator for Nashville Community Education highlights the programs available…

Let’s go ahead and admit it in this social media-obsessed society, “self-care” is now buzz word that has become pretty popular, and could even be considered a cliché. Despite the overuse of the term, self-care should be a priority, and thanks to people discussing it on their online platforms, understanding of the importance of self-care has continued to grow. Further, the conversation about what self-care is and the best ways to introduce self-care into your busy, everyday life has become more prominent.

A few years ago, if you heard the term self-care, you were most likely reminded of when you would hear people tell family members or friends to “take care of yourself.” This simple phrase carried simple actions. This phrase reminded you to take some time to get your hair done or get some extra rest while the kids are napping, it was simple. Nowadays, “take care of yourself” has been replaced with self-care, and it’s a term that carries so much more weight.

Having a form of self-care means improving your mental, physical, and emotional health. As more people admit they need to embrace self-care, they are taking responsibility for their wellbeing. People are enjoying solo trips or carrying out solo activities, joining workout groups, practicing meditation, and spending more evenings or mornings feeding their curiosity for different interests and hobbies, after spending long hours at work. People are talking about better (and more fun) ways to be healthy and active. Taking a few hours out of your day or week to do something you love, to create, to read or journal has shown many people that self-care is a great way to not only take care of yourself, but also to be inspired and feel refreshed.

At Nashville Community Education we believe that self-care is an intricate part of people’s everyday life. We love being a part of the conversation for self-care for many students. Hearing stories of how they take fun evening classes after a long day at work to boost their moods and energy. We offer many personal classes that Nashvillians can take to learn a new skill, meet a new neighbor, and most importantly, spend some time doing things that they love or learning something new, whether that is a new language, an art class or learning a fitness routine.

We’ve asked two instructors why their particular classes are perfect for self-care:
Ashley Mintz, Accordion Books instructor: why creating art is a form of self-care?
Are there any elements in your class that you believe helps with self-care?
The act of creating art is a form of self-care because it allows us to relax the part of our brain that is always thinking and structured. Being creative encourages going with the flow and being able to feel our way through what we are doing. Creating art is a way to have and do something for ourselves. Even if we give a piece of art away or sell it, it still has our fun, peaceful essence connected to it. Art-making encourages curiosity and laughter.

What are some self-care tips you would give your students based on your “subject” and/or class?
Based on my class, self-care tips would be allowing yourself to be completely open when creating. Being open and in the moment allows us to be stress-free, because all we are focused on is what is going on right, as opposed to anything in the past or future.

Why do you believe self-care is important?
Self-care is important because it is easy to get burned out when we are all so busy. If you are not giving yourself energy, space, and self-love, you will have none to give to others, and eventually you will be depleted. Keeping self-care as a top priority is important to our quality of life because it keeps us balanced and allows this to thrive without feeling like we are giving too much.

Lindsey Joe, Master Meal Planning instructor: How creating a healthy food goes hand in hand with self-care.
Are there any elements in your class that you believe helps with self-care?
One important act of self-care is nourishing your body. Meal planning can 100% help accomplishment this, by taking the guesswork out of “What is for dinner?” and eating intentionally, with your health in mind.

What are some self-care tips you would give your students based on your “subject” and/or class?
To put meal planning on your calendar just like you would any other important appointment in your life to ensure it doesn’t fall to the bottom of your to-do list. You have to eat multiple times a day after all!

Why do you believe self-care is important?
Self-care is so important because no one else is going to look out for you like you can look out for you. It is essential.
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