Nashville’s Laura Lea announces new cookbook

By Editor on 4th Dec 2019

Following on from the huge success of her first cookbook, Nashville-based holistic chef Laura Lea Bryant (aka Laura Lea Balanced) sits down to discuss her second, Simply Laura Lea, which will be published next Spring.

What can we expect from this new book?

With my second cookbook, I wanted to offer new content without totally reinventing the wheel. My first book provides healthy, family-friendly, comfort-food inspired and creative dishes, and my readers made it clear that they want more! So with book two, you will also find a little something for everyone in the 125+ recipes. However, I did want to incorporate some smaller themes for some of my niche communities. As a result, I provide sugar-free substitutes, some keto-friendly recipes, more vegetarian/vegan entrees and a hefty handful of Instant Pot dishes (for which I have Crockpot alternatives). I also included a bit more dairy in this book, but the majority is still dairy-free.

What inspired you to write another one?

There was never any question that I was going to write another book, well before my first book even hit the shelves. I believe that cookbooks are the best vehicle for me to provide value, through recipe creation, photography and old school written-word-communication. Developing recipes and writing books are my absolute favorite things to do, and wellness information is constantly expanding and changing, so there’s endless content. I plan to offer a new cookbook every three years or so, and I will continue to incorporate feedback to make them better and better.

Developing recipes and writing books are my absolute favorite things to do, and wellness information is constantly expanding and changing, so there’s endless content.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

Ugh this is like picking a favorite child! I have to at least break it down to sweet and savory, so if I HAD to choose: In the sweet category, I’d probably say my 5 Layer Magic Bars or Banana Pudding. For savory, I’m pretty smitten with my Honey Walnut Shrimp or Turkey Cheddar Lasagna (see it’s so hard!).

What did you learn from writing your first book that helped with this one?

Because I do my own photography, I learned a lot about the logistics of storing, sharing and organizing raw photos. Having a system for the photography was a game-changer this time around. Regarding the recipes, I kept myself to a very strict chronology of 1) testing a recipe three times 2) taking and uploading photos of said recipe 3) writing out the recipe AND recipe blurb for said recipe. That way I can comfortably “wrap it up with a bow” and turn to the next, instead of constantly looking back to see what still needs finishing. I also think my actual recipe writing improved; I am more detailed and thorough, trying to anticipate any question that a novice cook might have.

Laura Lea will be leading a cookery demonstration at the Nashville Winter Wellness Fest on January 18. To book tickets, click here.

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