Must-Try Coffee Shops in Nashville

By H&W on 1st Jul 2018

The Nashville coffee scene is one of the best in the country. The array of hipsters, musicians and college students creates a large demand for casual hangout spots like these aesthetic coffee shops. These capital city hot spots are not only tasty, but also upbeat and Instagram-worthy. Jade Spilka (pictured) spoke to some of the Coffee shop owners.

Cafe Coco

Cafe Coco is unlike any other coffee shop in Nashville. It is open 24 hours a day Thursday through Saturday and 7:00 a.m. through midnight Sunday through Wednesday. The upbeat atmosphere and grungy aesthetic is unmatchable.

“I love Cafe Coco because it has such high energy and such a diverse audience,” said Gabriel Poe, a local publicist and yoga teacher. “With loud music playing over the juke box, concerts and a large patio, the creativity and energy is palpable. Whether you need to curl up and study all night, or kick back with your friends, it’s the perfect place to go to get a cup of coffee or a good beer.”



Milk and Honey

Get your iPhone cameras ready because this beautiful coffee shop, restaurant and bakery will have you swooning. The newly opened Milk and Honey, located in the Gulch, is the perfect place for a girl’s night and is most definitely a blogger’s fantasy. The black and white décor is fresh and fits perfectly into the Gulch’s already booming social scene.




Atmalogy is the most relaxing Nashville coffee shop. The wide variety of beautiful and comfortable seating allows for a laid back atmosphere that is unparalleled. This relaxing vibe has made it a favorite among local college students.

“My favorite Nashville coffee shop overall is Atmalogy,” said Poe who recommends the Mayan hot cocoa and the dreamy avocado toast. “It was the first coffee shop I discovered in Nashville, and it is so interactive and dynamic. From the atmosphere, to the products, to the community focus and the philosophy behind it that is evident in every element, it cultivates an earthy oasis that is like no other.”




Crema sources from farmers they know and trust. The simple, rustic aesthetic pays homage to Nashville itself. Crema coffee can also be found at Pinewood Social and 10 other locations throughout Nashville. Crema is respected for its ethical and fair treatment of farmers and customers alike.

“My favorite coffee shop in Nashville, hands down, is Crema,” says Bethanie Jones, a Nashville college student. “It feels like the world stops while you’re there. It’s simple inside and so it’s simply you, your coffee and whoever is sharing that time with you”.




You can find Fido packed and energetic at any time of day. The small, casual coffee shop is booming with college students, famous musicians and tourists alike. The prime location and excellent menu come together to make this place one of a kind. From window seats, to booths, to tables, find your niche at this cute hangout.



Bongo Java

Located in the lively Hillsboro Village neighborhood next to Belmont University. Bongo Java first became famous because of the Nun Bun, a cinnamon bun that resembled the likes of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa personally wrote the facility asking them to stop using the image to sell merchandise. The Nun Bun was later stolen but Bongo Java remains one of Nashville’s hottest spots.

“Bongo has an energetic atmosphere and an incredible menu,” said Poe. “Usually crawling with students, artists and musicians, Bongo Java is always brimming with creativity and collaboration. Their coffee is the best in Nashville hands down.”



Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey not only has wonderful coffee, it also has dinner and wine. The diverse menu offers options for Nashvillians with various tastes. The casual atmosphere is quaint and community-oriented. Customers can be seen there for hours on end. Frothy Monkey is the perfect place for dates and long hangouts.

“It’s a Nashville staple and it has a huge menu and lots of locations,” said Poe. “From the 12 South touristy vibe, to the artsy upscale downtown location, and the spacious modern Nations location, it has what you’re looking for. If you want to study for hours with a latte, or wind down with a glass of wine and a good meal, it’s the place to be.”



The Well

The Well’s slogan is “where coffee changes lives.” Theology meets community at this missional non-profit that supports fresh water projects in developing regions. The Well’s profits go toward alleviating poverty worldwide. When someone buys a cup of coffee at the Well, they are contributing to charitable causes and bringing hoped to the impoverished. Two new locations were recently opened, one located in downtown Nashville and the other in Bellevue.

“Specialty coffee shops often carry a reputation for being pretentious, or even inaccessible to consumers who prefer more traditional beverages,” said Katie Rose, the Well’s Director of Operations. “We pierce that stereotype by offering a diverse menu that welcomes every customer at their preferred level, from a sweet latte to a hand crafted pour over or a complex seasonal drink designed by our baristas.”



Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is often tourist’s first coffee stop in Nashville. The fairly new establishment, opened in 2011, has grown rapidly both in reputation and in locations. The three locations work with local artists, farms, businesses and bakeries.

“We offer a total experience, not just good coffee,” said Chris Ayers, Managing Director of Barista Parlor. “Six years ago, Andy Mumma took a risk and offered his love for coffee to a growing city. What that looked like for him was giving the utmost attention to detail in every aspect of coffee preparation, even the peripheral aspects of design and presentation. BP is the result of a local’s passion and genuine desire to bring something unique to Nashville.”


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