Meet My Dreamy Sleeper: Nashville’s baby sleep consultant

By Guest Author on 20th Jan 2023

Are you exhausted? Typically when I ask this question, the response I get is YES. Was it because you binged too much Netflix, spent time scrolling on your phone or did a child keep you from much-needed sleep?

Hello Pure Living Nashville! I’m Jessica Byrne, owner of My Dreamy Sleeper. I work with exhausted, sleep-deprived parents and help their child sleep more peacefully throughout the night so everyone in the house can wake up feeling energized. I use a parent-present, custom-tailored approach because every family’s needs and child’s journey to dreamy sleep is different. I’m proud to help newborns up to 8-year-old children.

How did I get here? 
It all began 11 years ago when my daughter was born. Like most new parents, my life changed forever. I was in love! But, breastfeeding for me was torture, my anxiety was in a constant heightened state, and I was beyond EXHAUSTED.
My life consisted of bouncing, rocking, shh-ing, and prayers that my precious daughter would just for the love of god, fall asleep! My husband was incredibly busy with work, and then he dropped the bomb – work had him leaving for three weeks. Three. Weeks.

At my wit’s end, I needed help, so we hired a sleep consultant, and it changed everything. Our daughter became a great, predictable sleeper who was flourishing and happy. As a result, I started sleeping, my anxiety improved, and we were all much happier. This experience was so life-changing that I wanted to do for families what our consultant did for us, so in 2016 I trained as a sleep consultant. With my behavioral sleep training, coupled with my degree in elementary education, and my own ongoing sleep research, I have been able to help over 500 families one-on-one.

Studies show good sleep is an essential pillar of good health. In his book Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, Matthew Walker, PhD says, “Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day.”

For children, there are many benefits to getting good, quality sleep each night. When in infancy, sleep can impact a child’s growth. The hormone responsible for growth and repair is released at night, so consistent nights of good sleep help aid growth in babies. What I see quite often is when babies start sleeping better, their eating habits improve. For example, snacking, which oftentimes is used as a way to fall asleep, transforms into more substantial, alert meals, which helps with weight gain.
Good sleep leads to a better mood and can impact alertness and attention. It also helps with self-regulation and resiliency, two skills that are taught and developed when young. Consistently sleeping well can improve cognitive performance, memory, and a child’s overall mental and physical health.

According to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, infants 4 – 12 months should be sleeping 12 – 16 hours in a 24-hour period, and 1 and 2-year-olds should be sleeping 11 – 14 hours.  As children get older, their sleep needs change. Children 3 to 8 years old need 10 – 13 hours of sleep.

If you are exhausted and your child is not getting the recommended hours of sleep every night, check out for help.

Walker, Matthew. Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. New York, NY, Scribner An Imprint of Simon and Schuster, Inc., 2017.

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