Manduu: The Gym of the Future Is Here, and It’s Right in Our Backyard

By H&W on 1st Oct 2018

Wiley Robinson, RN Chief Operating Officer, Manduu America:

We all know that we should be working out. I doubt anyone questions the benefits of staying fit, exercising, building muscle and getting rid of unhealthy body fat. It all sounds good on paper until it’s time to actually do the work.

Maybe you wake up one day and realize you haven’t exercised in years, and your body doesn’t move like it used to. Others may be coping with a substantial injury or chronic pain that makes working out seem impossible. Oftentimes the idea of becoming fit again is so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start.

Manduu America offers a groundbreaking solution through a technology-driven exercise regimen that combines electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with personal fitness, creating a 15-minute workout that will revolutionize your health. Manduu America, the only FDA-cleared, full-body EMS system in the United States, is bringing this progressive solution to individuals of all ages and fitness levels throughout the country, and we’re starting right here in Nashville.

While I’m currently serving as Manduu’s chief operating officer, I’ve been working hands-on in the fields of fitness and healthcare for over 30 years. I began my career as a critical care nurse in the 1980s while also completing further studies in pre-medicine and molecular biology. I served as the general manager for gastroenterology, hepatology and plastic surgery units at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans for years before eventually moving to Nashville. Here I established several successful martial arts academies, as well as a personal training company specializing in clients with morbid obesity, diabetes and other debilitating metabolic conditions. When it comes to helping others maintain healthy lifestyles, you could say I’ve seen it all.

Throughout my career, I studied the benefits of EMS-based workouts, but only recently has technology hardware and software allowed this type of strength training to become reality. Years ago people faced obstacles like safety issues, a basic lack of understanding about electric frequencies and inadequate training programs.

Now these barriers are gone, and 2018 is heralding the bold arrival of EMS in America. EMS fitness studios are already well established in Europe, which boasts over 2,000 rapidly growing studios. Manduu has already established locations in Miami, Santa Monica, and the greater Nashville area – in Cool Springs and Brentwood, with a Green Hills location set to open this fall.

Perhaps the greatest perk of a Manduu workout is the time commitment of only 15 minutes per week. With expertly designed technology, our machines are able to deliver a low-voltage current that activates over 90 percent of your muscles through an ultra-low-impact session of flexing and resistance movements during each session.

An FDA-certified Manduu personal trainer tailors the program to individuals based on their unique fitness goals, and our INBody™ scan measures skeletal muscle mass, total body fat, visceral fat, hydration, metabolic rate and other relevant metrics before each session. In particular, Manduu targets the dangerous visceral fat that surrounds your organs, while simultaneously building and toning muscle.

This is truly the gym of the future, presenting a viable fitness solution for a broad range of clients at different stages in life. I encourage you to check it out at, and come try it for yourself. The first session is always free, and it might just change your life.


Manduu Locations

Franklin 125 Cool Springs Boulevard, Suite 290 | Franklin, TN 37067

Brentwood Hill Center, 211 Franklin Road, Suite 125 | Brentwood, TN 37027

Green Hills (coming soon) 2026 Glen Echo Road | Nashville, TN 37215


Wiley Robinson, RN

Chief Operating Officer, Manduu America

Visit to explore the science, hear more perspectives and schedule a complimentary first session.

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