Make a Commitment to Self-Care Today

By Carey Ott on 20th Oct 2022

Commitment isn’t easy.
But it makes all the difference.

Make a commitment to self-care today and watch how it allows more peace and resilience and well-being into every aspect of your life.

A commitment to self-care could be as simple as taking a daily walk or saying ‘no’ to that extra treat you sorta want, but don’t really need. It doesn’t sound like much, but the message it sends to your body is: “I care about you and I want you to thrive. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to rest and relax.”

When you make a commitment, it deepens you. Commitment changes you from the inside out. I’ve experienced it many times. When I make a commitment, it’s almost as if my Soul takes notice. Things begin to feel easier in my mind and body simply because I have decided to show up for myself in some small, but meaningful way.
Here are a few examples of some self-care commitments you can make today.

  • Set a dream journal next to your bed and watch your dreams ignite your imagination and enhance your problem-solving skills. Write “free write” at the top of each journal entry and express yourself openly and honestly.
  • Make a point to drink an organic fiber shake each morning. Everyone could use more fiber. You can add organic chia seeds, organic beetroot powder, or whatever you decide is good for you. The point is to incorporate something healthy and positive into your morning routine.
  • Get out into nature at least a couple of times a week. Try floating. Try meditation. Go deeper into silence. Journal about your discoveries. This is your story. Don’t be afraid to tell it your way. You are a unique expression of ALL-THAT-IS, perhaps it’s time to start acting like it.
  • Periodically quit alcohol. Or sugar. Or pizza. Experience the changes that occur. Journal about how it feels to say ‘no’ to regular cravings. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?! Feel the changes in your sleep, your skin, and your stress levels. Get to know your habits and you can learn to inhabit your body in a more attentive and responsible way.
  • Create your own self-care practice. Write poems, songs, and essays. Dance! Express yourself! As long as it’s consistent and as long as it pushes you a little out of your habitual comfort zone, trust me, it works wonders!

    Commitment to a self-care practice builds character and over time it is both exciting and rewarding to see the benefits add up. These benefits from a dedicated self-care practice will accrue slowly; but these are the benefits that will truly last.

If you enter into this relationship, this commitment to self-care, it cannot be guaranteed that you will have happy, sparkly fun every time you meditate, write in your journal, or exercise.

But it IS guaranteed that you will access more patience, embody more awareness, and sustain a more focused quality of attention on what matters most to you in this life.

It’s not easy.
And that’s why it’s so powerful.

Start today. 
It takes dedication to make a difference.

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