Kylie Morgan – The PURE Living Nashville Interview

By Editor on 21st Oct 2019

Kylie Morgan is a growing star on the Nashville music scene. As well as a burgeoning music career, Kylie is a health and wellness enthusiast, and a qualified yoga instructor. Here, she speaks to PURE Living Nashville to tell us more about her wellbeing routine.
Your favorite healthy place to visit in Nashville? The Farmers’ Market.
The healthiest meal you ate recently? “Far East” has been my go-to with their amazing broth and veggies!
What is your favorite healthy activity? A hot yoga class or a hike.
Favorite healthy drink? Vimco Wellness.
How often do you exercise? I try to move my body every day, whether it’s just going for a walk or doing a HIIT workout, sometimes even twice a day if I’m feeling sluggish. I’m addicted to that high that you feel after a workout!
If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Funnily enough, I am a seaweed addict.
What was the last book you read? “Body Love,” by Kelly Leveque.
What would be your perfect career outside of what you do now? I was a gymnast for 10 years and loved having a workout with purpose.
Favorite musician or group? My favorites are Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift, Emily Weisband, Ingrid Andress, and any artists who have stayed true to their writing roots.
What is the one thing that can always brighten your day? I would say a walk outside or a short yoga flow can completely alter my mood if I’m having a rough day. So can a call to my mama!
Favorite quote? “Until you embrace your uniqueness, you are not the person you were born to be.” I heard this quote in passing on a live church service and have embraced it ever since.
 Favorite Nashville restaurant/bar/coffee shop? I love cool restaurants like Graze and Wild Cow. Also, love walking to Dose and getting a coffee. As far as bars go, I love Pearl Diver and Rosemary! Any bar that has a cool patio and a good Margarita, sign me up!
Who/what inspires you most and why? I think stories and perspectives inspire me most. Songs are what gets me through anything, and my goal is to give every emotion I can to people who watch me perform.
What do you do to relax? My favorite thing to unwind and rejuvenate after a tour run is sit in my sauna and meditate or watch Netflix!
Favorite place for some ‘me time’? I recently renovated our guest room into my private yoga studio by installing a Murphey bed and studio mirrors. It’s my happy place, where I can turn on a heater and have my own private hot yoga class or dance party!
Favorite inspirational book? I’m more of a podcast girl than a reader. One of my favorite things to do is go on a long walk and listen to an inspirational podcast. I am a member of a church called Life Church that started in Oklahoma, where I am from. Craig Groshelle, the head pastor has an amazing podcast that puts things in perspective for me.
Favorite inspirational TV show or movie? I was going through a little bit of a frustrating time with music and then I went and saw the movie, “I can only imagine.” It got me through and gave me a new sense of hope.
What annoys you? I think negativity annoys me the most.
One word that describes you? I would say ‘Motivated’.
Wine or juice? I recently went to New York and came across a bar that had wellness cocktails! As in they put Tequila with green juice and felt like I was in heaven. Haha, I’m a wino though. A good red blend gets me every time!
Work out or walking? I honestly do both every day.
Meditation or Yoga? Yoga every day if it’s possible!
iPad or Paperback? I love the feeling of an actual book.
Theme Parks or Mountains? Can I choose both??

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