It takes a village: The community of wellness

By Leah McGee on 8th Jul 2019

Leah McGee, registered dietitian and co-founder of Nourished Routes, looks at the how the wider wellness community can work together to support each of us on our health journey…

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms exist to help us connect, to friends, clients, products, services, and more. Another way that we are connecting online is through the exchange of wellness ideas. Wellness is becoming a bigger part of our lives and it is truly an amazing thing to see so many people take ownership of it. The sheer volume of information exchanged between everyday people that have started wellness pages, social media sites and successful businesses by creating content in their living rooms has blown up. While this same online trend may overwhelm some everyday site-scrollers as we see our acquaintances convert into fitness coaches, consider first the impact of adopting a “village” mentality, and how this trend is positively impacting your community.

The “village” mentality can be considered when helping others start on a health and wellness route, and refers to the old proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Applied to wellness, the proverb means that everyone in a community “raises”, or influences, one another. Similarly it can be understood that regardless of how much or little that one participates in their community, it drives some sort of outcome on the whole. So regardless of how healthy your pins are on your Pinterest board, or whether you have started a health coaching side hustle, each of us – doctor, dietitian, farmer, accountant, salesman, – participate in and contribute to our community’s wellness.

This phrase is not used to compare someone seeking help in the world of wellness to a child, but to identify the community of togetherness, communication and cooperation that we can work towards as we make wellness even more of a priority. Involvement truly makes an impact.

This also points to the idea there cannot be one, all-knowing wellness solution designed to fit every one of our needs. As much as we would like for this to be the case, our true call to action is multidisciplinary if we are to make lasting, healthy changes.
Support one another on social media through each of our journeys. Join our clients in hiking groups and on their dog walks. Share your healthy recipe on your Facebook page. This is how you build a village. Your well-being at home, work or at the grocery store, is so heavily impacted by what you choose to say and do. If we consider this daily, how great could the wellness outcomes be in our great Nashville “village”?

So to better coordinate with comrades in the Nashville community of wellness, there are a few wellness tips I’d like to share from a dietitian’s perspective:

– Try to avoid the use of definitive language. Be skeptical of “always and never” statements when it comes to nutrition and dieting advice. Definitive language tends to be what “fad” diets are made of, meaning they aren’t long-lasting or based on substantial evidence.
– Wellness is not up to one person or discipline. Define what well-being means to ​you ​and chase it!
– Do what you enjoy. This goes along with the previous tip, but when you are doing what makes you happy, you are going to be well.
– Eat real food. You will feel better, have the energy your body needs and be more satisfied from your eating experiences. At Nourished Routes, we design personalized wellness plans, and you best believe it, we include real food!

Leah McGee is a Registered Dietitian and co-founder of Nourished Routes; a company which aims to enrich your lifestyle with useful experience and education. When it comes to providing nutrition therapy, Nourished Routes believes in a whole foods approach, 100% transparency with clients and applying evidenced-based information. Their Registered Dietitians create individualized nutrition and activity plans that are personalized to your lifestyle and needs. Some of their nutrition services include: nutrition counseling, meal prep, corporate wellness lectures/lunch and learns, and much more. They’re based in Nashville, TN, but work all over the United States with our community. Check out their website at​ w​​ for more information.

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