Introducing Kim Alexis: Pure Living Nashville’s New Guest Columnist

By Kim Alexis on 23rd Jun 2023

My name is Kim Alexis. Some of you may know me from my days working in the fashion industry in the 80s. I worked as a model, not only for the top designers around the world but also for the top magazines and beauty experts before the term supermodel was born. I got to embrace top fashion with all of its opinions and creative ideas on a daily basis and was featured on over 500 magazine covers.

I never wanted to model growing up. My plan was to attend Pharmacy School and I was enrolled at the University of Rhode Island early into my senior year in high school. I was discovered at 17 years old, while attending a Buffalo modeling school, just trying to make extra money for college.

When they pulled me out of the Buffalo school, I thought I was getting kicked out. Instead, I was offered a chance to model in New York City. I turned them down numerous times as I thought I had my life planned. I finally told them they could take photos and send them to New York just knowing that nothing would come out of it. Much to my surprise, I was offered a guaranteed income for a year if I moved to New York right away and tried the modeling world. I jumped at the opportunity, knowing I had college to fall back on if it didn’t work out.

Being in the modeling business at such a high international level gave me the drive to seek anti-aging products along with diets, cleanses, and facials regularly to keep what youth, beauty and health that I had. I started worrying about all of these things at the ripe age of 18! I quickly used my passion and curiosity for pharmacy to seek more natural ways to keep young and thin. I started to research and take classes on nutrition and health seeking healthier alternatives.

I have learned a lot over the years, not only in the fashion business but also a more natural way to take care of myself…and I think staying on top of health, fitness and anti-aging is an ongoing learning process. Not only are there new routines, plants discovered around the world to help with certain symptoms, supplements and other information being discovered daily, but there are also scams and health claims that just don’t work or are not proven. Sifting through all this information can be a lot especially if you don’t like research.

I have started a clean living journey and present to people, new different healthy alternative ideas they may not have thought of yet or things to be aware of as they go around their everyday lives.

Since our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins daily that can throw our health off, having us head in the wrong direction, I help expose what to look out for and present new ideas on how to avoid many toxins.

Come along with me as I bring you new, healthy tips to try and see if we can not only keep our health but improve it.

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