Haunted Houses Worth Screaming About

By H&W on 12th Oct 2018

The creepiest month of the year is finally here and haunted houses around the state are ready to strike fear in the hearts of those brave enough to enter their doors.

The question is, are you ready?

Whether you’re afraid of axe murders, clowns, chainsaws, needles, nuns, tight spaces, or just the unknown of what lurks in the shadows, Nashville has plenty of haunted houses willing to bring your fears to life. Check out five some of our favorites below!

Friendly warning: These places will bring on the screams. Enter at your own risk.


Dead Land Haunted Woods

Dead Land Scream Park is a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience with four attractions, open Friday and Saturday nights from 7PM-12AM until November 3rd.

The Portal and The Curse trails will walk you along the dark woods with many scares along the way.

The new Crypt attraction will take you through the grave sites and its residents in a manner you will not soon forget!

Also new are the Freak Out Escape games. These are designed to twist your mind, challenging you to puzzle your way to freedom.

To round out your night of fun, enjoy our gift shop, photo booth, bonfire, concessions, and a family-friendly atmosphere to set the mood for Halloween fun.

The Dead Land Haunted Woods staff pride themselves on having become one of Middle Tennessee’s most popular haunts. Grab your pals and check out all they have to offer. Oh, and be prepared to be scared out of your mind!

Dead Land Haunted Woods

7040 Murfreesboro Road

37090 Lebanon , TN

Phone: (615) 519-3116

Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods & Zombie Paintball Hayride

You better put on your big boy and big girl pants cause this ain’t no McDonalds Playland.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, you better believe Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods is going all out this year.

Many moons ago, phosphate miners canvassed these parts, digging their way to put food on the table. The land swallowed up a pack of these miners and spit them out with various mutated bodies. They now roam these woods hiding in the rocks and trees. They are not used to seeing civilized people, so no one is sure how they will react. . .

We have found one of the old mining trails that leads into the darkness. Stay in your group and do not go under any of the boundaries. The swamps and hundreds of acres of farmland are looking to swallow you up too and we can’t spend days looking for the lost like we did last year.

More trails have been discovered along the mines. New monsters have been found and are waiting around the corner for you! The expanded area has led to an all new CLOWN TOWN 3D maze EXPANDED!! Prepare to be amazed this year! Pirates are rumored to be onsite roaming for a hidden treasure. New monsters were birthed by the land to defend against any and all trespassers!

Y’all, this haunted house is why people drive from Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Spring Hill, Hendersonville and up to 2 hours away to see one of the best haunted houses in all of middle TN!

Another reason to love them?

While some view Halloween as an evil holiday, their desire is to take that which some have thought to be evil and turn it into something good. Millers Thrillers give zero attention or glory to satan or anything demonic. Their aim is to be a fun, safe and clean entertaining attraction during the Halloween season. Their desire is to be an alternative to the gory, devilish, or vulgar attractions. Millers Thrillers wants you to enjoy your experience without it causing you any tears or nightmares! Their haunt focuses on creativity, startles, acting, and the WOW factor!

Leaving with a laugh, smile, and occasional wet underwear makes for an all around good time!

Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods & Zombie Paintball Hayride

1431 Carters Creek Pike

Columbia, TN 38401


Nashville Zombie Outbreak

This is Nashville’s FIRST and ONLY Airsoft Haunted House!

We’re talking a 29,000 square foot warehouse that has been taken over by zombies. We’ll provide you with the airsoft guns to wipe them out!

ZOMBIE OUTBREAK: Any situation whereby a number of zombies have come to exist in a given area and are threatening the local population.

Nashville: It is up to you to terminate the threat.

You’ll be well-armed. The only question is . . . can you make it through the most infected neighborhood in Nashville?

Nashville Zombie Outbreak

406 Davidson Street

Nashville, TN 37213



Haunted Canoe the Caney

Are you brave enough to paddle these waters as your tour takes you deep into the Cove? It’s frightening, it’s unbelievably dark, and….it’s real!

Tour a haunted military base, hear the true stories of paranormal sightings and paddle at dark over a sunken cemetery where many lost graves remain.

Join them — if you dare!

Trips are available Friday and Saturday nights now until November 11th, 2017. Trips run each hour from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Reservations must be made. Prices start at $30 a person. Package options are available. Call for details.

Haunted Canoe the Caney

17055 Smithville Hwy

38582 Silver Point , TN



Haunted Hell

In its sixth year, Haunted Hell invites its guests to face their fears among the rotting ruins and grueling landscapes only seen in nightmares. The masterminds of Hell (Tony Warner and Patrick Warner, of Devil’s Dungeon), have packed Haunted Hell with twisted chambers full of shock and mayhem to delight, disorient and terrify even the most hardened Fans of Fright.

The large scale scenes, filled with cutting edge audio, special effects, and artistic detail, are gruesome, graphic and ‘in-your-face’. This 22,000 square foot stage is the playground for a demon cast of more than live 35 actors that increase the unpredictable element to Haunted Hell.

You’ll hear screams in the distance and you question whether this haunted house is just for fun or really being run by a psychopath whose only desire is to eat your flesh while you’re still alive. To find the answer you have to bring your friends and brave the haunt on your own!

Haunted Hell Nashville

3930 Apache Trail

37013 Antioch , TN

Phone: 615-680-9343


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