Haley and Michaels- Music is Their Therapy!

By H&W on 1st Apr 2018

With a hit single and an Album on the way, Nashville’s hottest new music stars found time to discuss with Health & Wellness Magazine how they maintain a healthy work and lifestyle.

H&W: What keeps you so healthy and in-tune with your mind, body & soul, while maintaining such a hectic schedule?

We both have daily routines that are grounding for us, whether it be exercise (even if just for 30 minutes), or meditation (even if just for 3 minutes). We have found that balance is key, and we love having a busy lifestyle, so it’s not always possible to stick to our routines. However, it is helpful to have the routine whenever possible. The mind, body, soul connection is definitely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for us and we try to carve out time daily to reconnect with ourselves and each other, whether it’s writing or yoga or even just an intentional break from technology here and there can be helpful. 🙂 


H&W: Shannon, do you find it difficult to eat healthy and exercise on the road? 

Yes. Both are more challenging, and I definitely have a harder time exercising daily when I’m on the road. I have a great routine that makes me feel good when I’m at home, but there isn’t always a gym when we are traveling, and there’s not always that extra time in the morning (I’m so jealous that Ryan can just jump out of the shower and in five minutes he’s ready to leave!!). I try to at least take a walk in the morning. I find that even if it’s only for 15 minutes or so it helps me energize for the day. I’ve learned from experience that for me personally, balance is everything. When I get too rigid with myself it backfires. So if it’s just not possible to exercise, or if I have to eat power bars and popcorn from the gas station for dinner, I try not to be hard on myself and trust that everything balances out in the end!


H&W:  Ryan,  I understand you’re Vegan.  Do you find it difficult to find Vegan options while on the road?  And can you share some of your favorite local Nashville restaurants that offer a Vegan menu?

While it is generally more difficult to find specific Vegan restaurants on the road, I have gotten pretty good about being creative and also looking ahead in advance. I eat a lot of rice and beans, salad, oatmeal and as much guac as I can get. But just in case I get stuck, I usually bring snacks like apples, Lara Bars (or all natural bars as long as it’s real food) along with me. I find that I make better decisions when I eat several small meals throughout the day.

My favorite Vegan Restaurants in Nashville are The Juice Bar in Brentwood (I love juicing and try to have it at least 5 times a week), Gojo (Ethiopian food), The Wild Cow, Avo, and The Sunflower Cafe. I also really love and appreciate restaurants like Taco Mamacita and Kayne Prime that offer fantastic Vegan options.

H&W:  Music can also be a huge factor for comfort, therapy and motivation.  Is there one song that really gets you pumped up and motivated?

Ryan: Living On A Prayer

Shannon: Free Falling


H&W:  Congratulations on the release of your song “Me Too” in support of Tarana Burke’s Me Too Movement.  Can you tell us a little about that and why this song is so important to you both?

Answer: Thank you! This song is inspired by the profound impact that the Me Too Movement itself had on us. We were deeply affected when so many people bravely came forward and said “me Too”. We were fueled to write the song by our own personal experiences, but the song’s message at its core is all about healing and people coming together to support one another. It is such an incredible honor to have Tarana Burke as a featured artist and collaborator on the song and music video!  We have always believed in the healing power of music and we hope this song can help others feel that they are not alone in the same way the #MeToo Movement has done for us!


H&W: Congratulations on being named one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know”. How did that make youfeel when you learned you made that list and that you were being compared to such well known, respected and talented musicians in the industry?

We grew up reading Rolling Stone and still do. It was such an incredible honor to be acknowledged by them and so incredible to be mentioned alongside our favorite artists. Very humbling and thrilling!!


H&W:  We live, work and play in Nashville and love our city.  What do you love most about Nashville?  Do you want to share any of your favorite hot spots with us?

We love Nashville and it’s very exciting to watch it grow so rapidly. We love how it feels like a big city and a small town all at the same time. More than anything, we love the amazing songwriting community. Some of our favorite hot spots:

– Patterson House

– Radnor Lake

– The Listening Room

– Sanctuary Yoga

– Frothy Monkey


H&W:  We know you have had a super exciting year so far with the release of “Giving It All (To You),” “All Out,” and “Me Too.”  Any other exciting projects in the works that you could tell us about?

We have spent the past year writing and recording our first full length album which will be released by Sony/ATV and Sony/ATV | RED Music label imprint Hickory Records. We are so excited to share it with you!


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