Gratitude is magic

By Carey Ott on 15th Sep 2023

The world is a kaleidoscope of colors, sensations, and experiences. Quantum physics research suggests that the perceiver affects and alters what is seen and experienced. So, perhaps beauty really “IS” in the eye of the beholder?

One of my favorite places on planet Earth is Float Horizen, located right here in Nashville. Their Float Therapy, Massage, and Infrared Sauna services are a great place to optimize my mental and physical health, find balance, and reset. I often think of this “pro-active self-care” as “preventative health care.”

I love taking a 30-minute infrared sauna, and then a 60-minute float. The sauna warms me up while it detoxifies my body and the float cools me down as I relax in the quiet and tranquil environment. I love the contrast of these two modalities when done back to back.

In my float session, I often spend the first 15 to 20 minutes “giving thanks,” and what I refer to as “Vitamin G,” for all that I am grateful for in my life. Then I drift off into a relaxed and peaceful state.

The music lets me know the session is ending and I re-enter my day refreshed and relaxed.

I prefer to do my gratitude practice in the float tank because I am both focused and relaxed in that soothing environment. I am not as distracted by aches in the body or mental irritations from the day before. Floating puts me in touch with the pure and present moment; which is all we really ever have.

Give “Vitamin G” a try and you will see why “gratitude is magic.”

I’ve found that I cannot be fearful and thankful simultaneously. I cannot be cynical and grateful at the same time. Gratitude is free, you can practice it anywhere, and it will improve your life. It has greatly improved mine.

Try a “Vitamin G” float today.  Floating will change your life!


Float Ambassador, Float Horizen


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