Our favorite holistic places in Nashville

By Veronica Williams on 6th Nov 2019


In the past 10 years, holistic health has increased in popularity all around the country. Getting your hands on herbs, whole foods, oils, information, and workshops is becoming easier than ever. Veronica Williams travels around Nashville to see what all it had to offer.

When you are looking for products that are all natural, environmentally friendly and local, it can be hard to bring all those things together. Three shops do just that, though: Thistle Farms, Cosmic Connection, and High Garden. All of these businesses bring quality products and knowledgeable staff to the table, while offering unique services of their own.

 Cosmic Connection, Belmont

This small business is more than a shop; it is a community. They offer a safe space for people to practice Reiki, Sound Healing and so much more. Their daily services including aura photography, Sound Healing, Energy work, and even Tarot & Crystal readings. Their store is located in a small house right next to Belmont University and boasts a large selection of Crystals, Essential Oils, Herbs, Candles, Books, and an impressive collection of Singing Bowls. When you walk into Cosmic, you are instantly greeted by their cat and a strong scent of Sage that is sure to send you into a state of calm.

Beyond this, they offer space to hold workshops on topics like Energy healing, and meet-ups for parents of young children looking to encourage one another. They strive to bring the entire Nashville community together through the positive community they have created. Cosmic has gone even one step further and hosts “The Galactic Expo” every May. They hosts dozens of booths and exhibitors on all aspects of Holistic and Alternative health. The mental and spiritual aspects of health are often forgotten about; Cosmic is the marriage of health alongside traditional spiritual practices to help you find your happiest place of being.

Thistle Farms, The Nations

This store is part holistic, part gift shop and part café…all for an awesome cause! Their mission is to “Help, Empower, and Employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. We do this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence and a strong community of advocates and partners.” They offer a variety of products, Wednesday morning meditations, volunteer opportunities, and education workshops to learn about their program.

The women they employ make most of their products, like Essential Oils and Soy candles, in-house. This shop takes it even one step further by offering jewelry, children’s products, teas, and other gifts produced by small businesses that follow their mission and help employee women from dangerous situations.

One product that is a must try is the “Healing Oils” line by Thistle Farms. These Essential Oil blends feature energy, calm, immunity, and balance; the effect is instantaneous once it’s on your skin. Thistle Farms is an organization that not only cares about health and environment but also has a deep-rooted mission making it a vital piece to this community. Don’t forget to check out their tea next door while you’re there!

High Garden Tea, East Nashville

A whimsical woodland escape, High Garden’s interior does not fit their Woodland St. exterior. This tea shop holds more than just teas and focuses on sourcing every product they can as close as possible. With walls stacked floor to ceiling with herbs, spices, and roots you might think you are an in fairytale instead of East Nashville. This tearoom and health food store provide an endless selection of teas, oils, herbs, and even a Kombucha bar in the back for all your health needs!

What really sets High Garden apart from everyone else is their special blends of teas for your health needs. They carry blends for sleep, cramps, detox, pain, and more. Alongside a large selection of herbs and herbal tinctures, their staff can guide you to an herb that is going to be best for your health. Their knowledgeable staff can help you make informed decisions on what herbs to use. Much like cosmic High Garden is also known for holding holistic health workshops and classes from time to time, check out their website and Facebook for updates. Check out High Garden today and trade in your sleeping pill for a bag of cream tea and watch the magic of plants happen.

Konadu Beauty by Nature, East Nashville
This all-natural beauty brand makes it onto our list because finding local beauty products with no chemicals is a gem in itself. Although you can find their products in local Tennessee Whole Foods and Kroger stores, their flagship store offers a wide variety of products: soaps, bath bombs, lotions, perfume oils, soy candles and anything to make you feel great. Their products are made of high-quality materials and are ones I would highly suggest because part of taking care of yourself means a little R&R.

If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and get involved with a knowledgeable community there are many places to get plugged in here in Nashville. These stores are a great way to find products, people, and information to start your journey to wellness

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