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Get a Head start on your New Years’ Goals

Consultation, Lipo-Laser Treatments And Whole Body Vibration Sessions 
Using LED lasers, expert technicians aim to reduce fat by non-invasively opening fat cells. The laser energy helps to stimulate the fat cells, causing them to open and release fat. The fat is then removed from the body by the lymphatic system. Full-body vibration sessions aid the fat-burning process by stimulating all the muscle groups at once. The full-body vibration causes muscles to contract quickly which can build muscle and aid in fat burning.                                 3 Sessions for $159: 6 Sessions for $299.
284 Seaboard Lane Ste 100, Franklin, TN 37067 Tel: 615-567-6683

Gift Cards from Just $50

Modern Acupuncture, Nashville’s newest, most luxurious venue to discover the health giving qualities of Acupuncture. Give one of our Gift Cards this Christmas to your friends and relatives, they’ll thank you for being so thoughtful and generous, to say nothing of helping them keep healthy.


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Give a Foot Detox Gift Certificate

It’s just about the most relaxing way to spend 30 minutes – and it does you a power of good as well.  Sit back, enjoy a nice refreshing drink as our amazing Ionized foot baths naturally remove toxins and wastes from your body in a stress-free, comfortable environment. Holiday pricing 50% off if you book before December 24th.
2 sessions: $30, 4 sessions $60. Gift Certificates available.
More info here: Call 615 331 8762 to book your session or discuss our Gift Certificates.

Give the gift of peace with Float Horizen

Imagine floating on a cloud weightless, peaceful, and relaxed.  Enhance your overall health and well-being with Float Therapy and Massage. Aides: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Boosts Creativity, Injury Recovery, Muscle/Joint Repair, Pregnancy…
☆ UNPLUG $129: Float Session + Massage (21% OFF/$165)
☆ ULTIMATE ZEN $349: (4) Float Sessions + (2) Massage Sessions (27% OFF/$480)
*Buy In-Store or Online* | 615.490.8656. 1012 Russell St. Suite 204~Nashville 37206

Music To My Ears Jewelry: Made from recycled CDs

The CDS are handcrafted by artist, Malia Meyer, to create “gems”. Then with wire wrapping they emerge as unique upcycled jewelry. The earrings look like glass or stone which would be heavy. Instead they are deceptively lightweight, making them both eco-friendly and ear-friendly!
In person: The Perfect Little Holiday Market,1515 5th Ave N, Nashville 37208. November 30 hours 11:00-5:00

Practical, beautiful gifts that help save the Planet is a Nashville based company creating and selling a stunning selection of household essentials all made from recycled materials. We sell Blankets, Kitchen items, Glassware and Acrylic products. Beautifully crafted and styled. Gift Cards are available.
We use materials that are created in ways that prioritize resource efficiency, minimize water use and greenhouse gas emissions, and actively divert waste from landfills, waterways and other places that need to be protected
To see our wonderful range of Planet Friendly products, click here.

Recycled Sports Clothing

Some 12 million tons of clothing—95 per cent of which could be reused or recycled—goes to landfill in North America each year. But have you ever wondered what happens to your old poncho once the bin is full? Only about half of what is collected is deemed saleable for the local market, and half of that again will sell,

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Upcycled Guitar Strings make great gifts

Strings for Hope is a charitable organization that employs women survivors of addiction, domestic violence, and human trafficking to make jewelry out of broken musical instrument strings. This acts as a form of art therapy and provides supplemental income while in transition.

Visit to find out more.

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