Genuine questions people have asked their Doctor

By Jane Smith on 2nd Jun 2020

A list of inappropriate demands made of GPs has been published on the Resilient GP website. Here are a selection:

Is there a pill so I can have a baby boy?

Do you have something to make my nails stronger & hair shinier before my holiday tomorrow?

Can I have a sick note for six months because I am nearly at retirement age?

I am allergic to cats. I am getting a cat. Can I get a vaccination?

I’m allergic to avocados, if I eat eight I’m sick.

I hugged my boyfriend. Am I pregnant?

When do men start to grow their condom?

I was bitten by a turtle when I was a young lad, can i still drink orange juice?

Help! My water just broke but I need to finish watching this hilarious movie on youtube?

I am 17 and still, haven’t had my first “period”. My sister had hers when she was 14. Takes longer since im a boy?

Will wrapping a rubber band around your testicles make them fall off without much else happening?

How bad is it to drink while pregnant? How much is safe for the baby?

OK so I am 19 and I keep throwing up for some reason. I can’t be pregnant because when me and my boyfriend had sex for the first and only time we did it in a tree and all my friends told us that we would be safe up there so that can’t be it.

Only my husband can get my pregnant, right?

One mother-to-be asked her medical practitioner: “Is there a pill so I can have a baby boy?”

“I’m worried about a white lump in my baby’s gum.” The receptionist suggested it was a tooth. The irate mother suggested only a medically qualified person should judge that diagnosis. She demanded urgent appointment. It was indeed a tooth.

One man in his mid-20s wanted to know why “when I drink certain types of beer I vomit and have a headache the next morning”.

“My 10-year-old daughter won’t eat vegetables. Can you refer her to a hypnotherapist?”

One 19-year-old girl attended her doctor with the query: “My chin looks too fat in photos on Facebook – I need an operation.”


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