Fitness Q&A with singer-songwriter Sheyda

By Editor on 30th Mar 2022


Sheyda is a Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter. With the craziness of her work life, fitness and wellness are really important to her. Here, she speaks to PURE Living Nashville to share her well-being journey and advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Have you always been into fitness? If not, what kickstarted your interest in wellness?
I have always been an active person, participating in sports and competing my whole life but I got into fitness specifically at the end of high school. I started working with a physical therapist in a gym after a back injury and I’ve never stopped learning and growing since then.

How do you manage your hectic schedule with working out / maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
I’m not a morning person at all, but I’ve learned I just need to plan for the week and have my exercise and health be the first thing that happens every day. If that means I have to get up at 6 am (what I consider an ungodly hour) to make sure I’m able to get my workout in before my first commitment of the day then that’s what I do. I’ve found that if you start your day off making your health and fitness a priority, it shifts how everything else in your life operates. I also don’t keep anything in my home that would tempt me foodwise and set a water goal for the day. I always tell myself I can do whatever I want if I meet those goals, but by the time I meet them, I don’t crave anything anyways. It’s all a mind game.

What are your go-to workouts?
I work out a lot with a company in Nashville called Klug Fitness, they know their stuff and care about movement and form and also about pushing limits. I have always enjoyed working with people who push me, keep me accountable and who I constantly learn from.

How do you relax?
I read a lot, and enjoy time to myself. I’m really into puzzles and things I can do alone that are still engaging.

Where are your favorite places to workout in Nashville?
I honestly don’t go to a lot of gyms, my workout for the past couple of years has been outside or on a treadmill and stair stepper. We bring the weights and the equipment wherever we are and outside of that I use my apartment gym, which is sparse but works for cardio days.

What advice would you give to someone starting on their wellness journey?
Honestly, just start. Fitness comes in so many different forms. Dancing, sports, the gym, boxing and other forms of self-defence. Find a class you’re interested in or join a local gym and make friends there. Build a tribe of like-minded people and learn from them. There’s so much out there nowadays there’s something for everyone. Everyone was once a beginner, push yourself out of your comfort, you won’t regret it.

Sheyda just released a brand new single, “Big Heartbreak.” You can follow her and find out more on Instagram.

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