Essential oils to help you relax

By Sheila McGinnis on 29th Jun 2020

essential oil

Are you working from home, as so many during this pandemic have been? Maybe you are going into the workplace then coming home. Maybe you are a stay at home parent who has had a very stressful day. It’s hard to shift from an intense day to a relaxed one, but I hope these tips will help you to take a moment for you and wind down from the emotional stress of the day so that you can have a restful sleep at night.

First of all find a space, maybe it’s a den, a sunroom, or even your living room. Make sure it’s free of clutter which, believe it or not, helps to destress you. My niece’s quiet place is her car! She lives in a small space with young children, this is where she goes to just sit and unwind.

Next, grab your diffuser, and if you do not have one, no worries, even cotton balls or the clothes you are wearing will work to diffuse the relaxing smell of essential oils. Just add a drop or two to the cotton ball or on your clothes.

Now for the essential oils. You don’t have to have expensive blends specifically for relaxing, you just need a few for your personal needs, below is a list of oils and their purpose so choose what you need.

Bergamot: This oil is my return to joy oil. It’s bright and calming at the same time.

Rose or vanilla (you only need a drop of rose): is calming and helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Ylang-ylang: this helps to lower your blood pressure after a tough day and is very relaxing and helps when you are feeling anxious.

Patchouli: this is one of my all-time favorites paired with orange. This is a grounding oil, helps with getting you off that emotional rollercoaster.

Lavender: we know how it helps with sleep but it too will help you to just relax

There are many more oils that help, but these are just a few of my favorites. Give yourself about 20-30 minutes to just unwind, then you and your family will be ready to finish up the night.


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