Essential oils to help with toothache

By Sheila McGinnis on 25th Mar 2019

Sheila McGinnis offer some advice on essential oils treatments that can help with toothache.

Recently, while at work, a co-worker was dealing with severe pain from a tooth and was miserable. She was able to get into the dentist but literally had to deal with the pain for over a day. If you have never had a toothache, take my word for it, it’s the worst pain ever. I will say you must go to the dentist to find what the underlying cause is, but until you can here are some ways that essential oils can help.

Toothache Relief Oil
1 Tbl of carrier oil (I prefer coconut oil)
4 drops of tea tree essential oil
4 drops of chamomile EO
2 drops of peppermint EO
2 drops of clove EO
-mix well and add a small amount to the aching tooth and surrounding gum as needed.

Compress for toothache
In a bowl add hot water (about 2 cups) and add
2 drops of chamomile
2 drops of lavender
1 drop of peppermint
-soak a cloth in water and apply to your face on the side where tooth hurts, once cooled, re-saturate the cloth and continue this process as needed.

For children who have teeth pain or pain from teething try the recipe below:

Baby Blend for Teething
NOTE: Some will say it’s safe to apply on the gums. I do not recommend this, consult your healthcare provider before you try it. It is safe to apply on the outside jaw area.
2 Tbl. of carrier oil
1 drop of lavender
1 drop of chamomile

Need help with bad breath? Make your own mouthwash without all the alcohol and artificial colors and ingredients. One simple and quick way is to take a drop, yes just a drop, of peppermint essential oil to the roof of your mouth. Not only will it freshen your breath but it will open up your sinuses.

Natural Mouthwash
8 ounces of distilled water
3 drops of tea tree
3 drops of peppermint
1/8 teaspoon of baking soda
mix well and gargle as needed.

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