Eco-friendly beauty products we love

By Editor on 24th Oct 2019

When it comes to beauty regimes, we often do not think about the impact on the environment of our makeup, cleansers or sanitary products. Whereas many people focus on the ingredients themselves, it’s also important to consider the packaging that these products come in, and how we can minimise waste.

Reusable makeup remover pads
Using cotton pads is a traditional way to remove your makeup and cleanse your face, but cotton pads are very unsustainable and contribute to global pollution. As used cotton pads cannot be recycled, a viable alternative has emerged: washable pads made from sustainably grown Bamboo. Simply use these pads as you would a cotton pad, and place them in the laundry bag provided before putting them in a washing machine.

Just as cotton makeup remover pads are damaging for the environment, tampons are toxic for both you and the planet. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads, such as the Mooncup. These reusable options reduce the impact of your period of the environment, but if these don’t appeal to you, try buying tampons without plastic applicators.

Non-toxic deodorant
The conversation surrounding deodorant and its impact on health has reached an all-time high. The prominence of chemicals in deodorants, as well as the focus on reducing sweating, means that natural deodorants have seen a surge in popularity. We love the deodorants from Nashville-based Twigs and Roots, who use natural ingredients in small batch orders.

Toothpaste tabs are a great environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tubes of toothpaste, which cannot be recycled. We are huge fans of Bite, as their toothpaste tabs come in glass bottles (which can be used again and again) and all their products come in recycled packaging, straight to your door!

Bars of soap
Bars of soap are an eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic bottles of soap or body wash. As there is substantially less packaging, once the soap is gone, there is nothing left to recycling or throw away. We love this selection from Lush.

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