Dr. Christina Rahm: Let’s Cook to ‘Cure The Causes’

By Dr Christina Rahm on 13th Apr 2023

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As a society, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and promotional messaging for outer body necessities, whether it be clothing, skincare, hair care, makeup, jewelry, not to mention footwear, athletic wear, shoes, boots, even boots that look like shoes (yes, I’m a huge fan of all the above). I LOVE clothes, I LOVE shoes, and I LOVE shopping. I fall prey to purchasing unnecessary, extraneous, outer body ‘everything’ due to beautiful images and creative marketing.

With that, what if you (and I) were just as focused on what we place inside our bodies as we are focused on draping over the outside? What if we tried to look as good on the inside, or rather, be as good and healthy on the inside as we want to look and feel on the outside? Yes, an odd thought, but let’s examine it.

We buy extraneous ‘everything’ which fits our taste and style, in part to make us happy and confident. So, in comparison, ought we not do the same for our inside health? The answer is yes! Because most everything we place inside will have some type of effect on the outside. Whether it be the health of our skin, our hair, nails, and even our eyes and ears.

The fact is, nutrition, quality, foods and beverages are undervalued, and why it is important to understand how nutrition plays an integral role in our internal, and external, bodily functions.

I have recently written my second book, Cure The Causes Cookbook, specifically for this mission. My first book, Cure The Causes, was focused on getting to the ‘root’ of many illnesses through detoxing and nutritional disciplines. As discussed extensively, we are wrought with toxins. Cleansing, detoxifying, and excavating harmful environmental invaders can help our body function at a more optimal capacity, as it was created to do.

Cure The Causes Cookbook takes it a step further by focusing on cooking with specific types of foods and/or ingredients designed to address certain physical and mental ailments. The recipes range from nutritional disciplines to support auto-immune disorders, anti-viral directives, and bacterial infections, all the way to remedies for fungal overgrowth, and even parasitic cleansing. Other recipes include anti-cancer regimens, protocols for arthritic disorders, depression, dementia, autism, Parkinson’s, and even Lymes disease.

The Cookbook provides ingredients and guidelines to help you learn how to assist your body in managing various types of disease states and ailments by consuming better eating choices. By doing what is right for the body, we can reduce inflammation (often caused by sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeinated drinks, and heavily processed foods), which can inadvertently cause chronic health issues and medical complications.

The sad fact is environmental factors like viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, inflammation, and stress can cause disastrous problems to how our body functions. We also need strong immune systems to better support the blood, organs, our good cells, while ridding the body of the bad cells. The recipes and suggestions in my new Cure The Causes Cookbook are focused on exactly that.

As a scientist, I do not ever claim to cure disease or illness; instead, I educate on natural ways to assist the body while dealing with the various environmental attacks which we all are unfortunately confronted with every day. Thus, I’m very proud to offer this body of work which demonstrates how to naturally support our health and medical deficits through cooking with plants, vegetables, fruits, proteins, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, grains, beans, and fiber, while also utilizing extra virgin oils.

I wrote this cookbook because I LOVE to cook (just as I LOVE to shop)! My parents and grandparents taught me how to cook. I thought I would grow up and become a famous chef, such as the likes of Emeril Legasse. Instead, I grew up to become a scientist who works on formulas to better the lives of people through health, wellness, and now cooking.

In closing, who knew clothing and food could be of comparative value? Who knew nutritional food and the right nutrients could support our health, happiness, and confidence, just as fashion does? The bottom line is, whatever makes you feel good should be a primary focus in your life; whether it be healthy, natural, food and nutrients going inside your body, or the beautifully cloaked belongings you choose for the outside.

For more information on Cure The Causes Cookbook, go to www.therootbrands.com/purelivingroot.

As a reminder, The ROOT Brands will host Booths #8 and #9 at the Nashville Wellness Fest, next month, Saturday, May 6. I am excited to be the ‘opening speaker’ for this year’s event.  My presentation starts at 10 am. Please come by, say HI!, and try free ROOT Brand nutraceutical samples.

I hope to see you there.

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