Detoxify Your Body Naturally

By H&W on 1st Oct 2018

Sheila McGinnis suggests some Herbs that can help you keep fit and healthy in the colder months.

As Fall arrives it’s time to get our bodies in a healthy state so that we can fight off the viruses that are all around us over the Winter months.  We can stay well even if those around us are sick by first detoxifying our body.  Detoxifying is basically to rid our bodies of harmful toxins, and your organs will thank you.  

Below are five of my favorite herbs to cleanse your body’s most important organs.

-Dandelion Root: My first go to for this cooler time of year is warm tea and not only is tea comforting for our soul, it can be comforting for your liver when you drink dandelion root tea. Not only will it detoxify and strengthen your liver it helps with increasing bile and keeps our digestive system working smoothly.  Another advantage of having a clean liver and getting our digestive system flowing you will benefit with glowing skin. I still can’t get over how many people want to kill this “weed!” 

-Milk Thistle: This powerful herb contains silymarin, a bioflavonoid that contains several anti-inflammatory compounds that can heal fatty liver disease.  We think of fatty liver as an issue due to alcoholism, but the foods we eat can also cause our liver distress.  Remember the liver is our most important organ.

-Fenugreek: This is another “go-to” for me in the fall and winter months due to its ability to dissolve mucus in our lungs (contains mucilage a demulcent). It contains enzymes that can also help regulate glucose. It too is warming and grounding to our body and can be made into a tea or even chew on the seeds to help with stomach pain.

-Parsley:  It’s more than decorations for your plate; this is a powerhouse herb! It reduces many types of cancer risk (including skin cancer), its high in vitamin K which is important to blood-clotting, bone health, and keeping arteries clean, protects against diabetes, and supports good kidney functions. So add some to your next juice.

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